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Month: November 2021

You might have studied subjects relevant to your profession in the best universities in your country. But for your Canadian employer, it will carry no special value. The local recruiters of Canada might fail to recognize your credentials, making it difficult for you to land a good job.... Read More
If you successfully meet RNIP opens the door to permanent residence by letting skilled immigrants work and live in specific communities in Canada. It is a three-year-long program and is applicable only to 11 such locations which are listed under RNIP.all the eligibility requirements of RNIP, you will easily get the community’s recommendation for permanent residence. Sounds good?... Read More
But if you feel that your talent and your social presence are going to be an asset to Canada, then don’t hesitate from applying under International Mobility Program. This program is specifically designed to promote the socio-cultural and economic objectives of Canada. Talents who are recognized under this program are actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, etc.... Read More