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What are the Chances of Rejection for a Canadian Student Visa if I Have Already Created an Express Entry Profile as a Secondary Applicant?

Visiting Canadian provinces or territories have always been the most popular places for foreign citizens to pursue studies. Foreign nationals require a study permit and a visa to study in Canada.

Canada offers different ways of obtaining a visa, depending upon your requirement.

Multiple applications have processing difficulties. IRCC and CIC encourage new simultaneous applications only if the applicant has some new facts, information or evidence which was not submitted in the initial application.

Section 12.06 and 12.07 of the IRPR provides the necessary guidelines to cancel, inactivate or revalidate any previously approved visa applications and refuse associated applications.

visa rejection
Multiple application may deny you a study permit in Canada

How Multiple Applications are Assessed?

Multiple applications are usually discouraged by the IRCC. However, sometimes, data entry errors such as mentioning the wrong country of issuance or incorrect passport number prompt a scenario for the applicant to re-apply.

In such cases, the visa or the eTA officer reviews the applications and records the decision on the latest application. Later, cancellation letters are generated and issued to avoid any confusion and duplicity. The officer endeavours to create only one correspondence regarding the eTA or visa.

Why Should You Choose the Express Entry Profile?

Every year, over millions of students all over the world, apply for Canadian Visa, but only a few get selected.

Although there are various ways to apply for a Canadian visa, still most students choose an express entry system.

Express entry pool is a simple online process of selection of skilled workers in Canada. Under this process, the applicant’s Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score gets calculated.

CRS, a criteria factor and points-based system, works on the information you provide in your profile. The more robust your information is, the lesser are your chances of rejection.

However, you need to keep some key points in your mind, which can help you prepare the best profile for increasing your CRS score.

Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Rejection Student Visa?

The Do’s


  • Include your dependents on your Express Entry visa profile, whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not.
  • These dependents should be your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children. Resultantly, including your family members, is always beneficial as you can sponsor them later.

Employment History

Include all your employment history irrespective of its relevance as every detail may contribute indirectly to strengthen your profile.


For Canadian immigration, IELTS is the most common language proficiency test to measure your eligibility in English. It also helps to the calculation of your CRS scores. So prepare well before taking the test.

Financial Stability

If your profile shows financial instability, your application may get rejected by Canadian authorities. Therefore, you will have to maintain a sufficient amount of funds till the time you are staying there.


Check out the list of documents required and read the guidelines carefully before applying for a student visa. Even leaving a small detail could be a reason for your visa rejection.

visa rejection 2
Visa Officer will consider only one application

The Don’ts- while applying for Immigration to Canada

  • Don’t misrepresent yourself in front of the Canadian authorities as you might get identified by officers and they will charge you a penalty, and reject your application.
  • Don’t include your non-dependent family members like parents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives in express entry profile.
  • If you have taken IELTS or other language tests multiple times, don’t harmonize the results of these tests. Instead, include those scores in your profile in which you performed well.
  • While submitting a profile, you will require to answer many questions related to you and your family. Therefore don’t guess your answer as any presumption won’t work in getting visa approval.

The Takeaway

Even though you moved heaven and earth in making your profile worthy, the chances of rejection always exist. So, prepare your visa documentation and interview process well. Just in case, if you are re-applying for your visa, don’t repeat the mistakes you made in your last attempt.


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