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What to Do If You Wish to Overstay Beyond Your Visa limit in Canada?

Canada has always been a favourite destination for people to visit. As a North American country stretching from the United States to the arctic circle, Canada has safe, clean and beautiful provinces attracting people to visit Canada to study, work, stay, and so on. 

Planning to Visit Canada or Already Staying

If you are planning to visit Canada as a visitor, applying for a visa is the first step along with documentation as per your native country.

Visa-exempt or Visa-required Countries

If you are living in a “Visa-exempt” country, you require an Electronic Transfer Authorization (eTA) if coming by flight. No eTA required if coming by sea or land. In contrast, if you are a citizen of the “Visa-required” country, you must fulfil all visa requirements.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

Visa requirements apply to both the categories of people, first is non-Canadian citizens planning to enter Canada, and second, are temporary transiting residents.

Temporary Resident Status

Temporary resident status is usually for resident categories such as worker, student or visitor. Paragraph R 185(a) of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations if the status is lost due to authorized stay period compliance. Ninety days is the time for applying for restoration.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

Carrying more privileges than a temporary resident status, holders of TRP with a validity of 6 months can apply for study or work permit. Accessibility to social services such as health and others has been permitted to TRP holders.

Visa Extension

Overstaying Visa limit in Canada
Apply before current expiry

Many a time, people who visit Canada as a worker, visitor or student need visa extension beyond the initial limit. If you wish to overstay in Canada, then you must apply before your current limit expires.

As an initial visa applicant as a worker, visitor or student providing biometrics is mandatory. However, as an “in Canada applicant”, biometrics requirements are exempted in visa extension cases as biometrics validity is ten years.

When to Apply for Visa Extension?

If you want to overstay your visa limit or change your permit type, you should apply 30 days before your stay limit expires. The maximum time to stay in Canada as a visitor is six months.

Your visa’s expiry date is written either on the stamp in your passport or your study/work permit.

Who are Eligible to Apply for Stay Limit Extension?

When you apply to increase the limit of your stay as a visitor, you will receive a visitor record that displays how long you can stay in Canada. It, however, doesn’t guarantee your return to Canada as it will not be valid for your entry to the Canadian province. Eventually, you need a visitor visa to enter. For this purpose, you need to meet all the required conditions below-

  • You should stay in Canada.
  • You should hold a valid study or work permit.
  • Your existing visa expired or was valid for only one entry.

How Can You Apply?

You must apply online to increase your visa limit as the processing of your application is quicker. Moreover, you can also track your submission. However, you must read the instruction guide diligently before you apply online. If you can’t apply online due to a disability or other reasons, then you can submit a paper application.

The Takeaway

Once you process your visa extension application, you are legally authorized to stay in Canada until Canadian officials decide upon your request. You may also contact and query the concerned department regarding your application, using the IRCC web form.


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