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What Documents Do We Need for a Marriage Green Card?

It is a state fact that about millions of foreigners take up the legal status in the United States of America. Out of these millions, we can say that 25% are those who get the Green card through marriage with a U.S.A permanent resident or an American citizen.

However, simply marrying a citizen or a permanent resident doesnt make you the legal resident of the U.S.automatically. You are supposed to follow the immigration laws of the country. 

Also, to obtain the legal status you are supposed to file the forms duly filled as required by the USCIS. 

Documents Needed for a Marriage Green Card

Green Card Through Marriage Document Checklist
What Documents Do We Need for a Marriage Green Card?

Let us know the documents that you need to have with you before you apply here in the article. 

Let’s begin with by understanding the key terms that you shall come across many a time when you file marriage-based green card application. 

  • The Beneficiary Spouse: This is the spouse who is wanting to be a permanent resident of America through a marriage with a green cardholder.
  • The Sponsor/Petitioner Spouse: This is the term given to the spouse who is already a legal American citizen or permanent resident in the States. 
  • United States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS): This is the agency that shall be the governing agency in all immigration matters.

Now the documents which are required for the application of Green Card through Marriage:- 

For the smooth and faster application process, you need to provide the following documents: 

Green Card Through Marriage Document Checklist
What Documents Do We Need for a Marriage Green Card?

Your Marriage Certificate

With this certificate, you prove that a legal wedding has taken place between you and your spouse. 

Proof That Your Previous Marriage Ended Legally

If anyone of you, were married before, then you need to show that the previous one has ended. Thus, the documents to prove can be:- 

    divorce decrees, death certificate, or annulment decree.

If your previous wedding is not terminated lawfully, your present will not be validated.  

Evidence Showing Name Change

If anyone of you or both have changed the names, then you need to show supporting documents for the same. If you change the name during the wedding then your marriage certificate shall be the proof. If it wasn’t for the wedding, then a court order needs to be presented as proof. 

Passport Photographs

Two identical passport size photographs need to be submitted. Also, make sure that these photographs are clicked not more than 30 days prior to filing your form I-130. 

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is very important while submitting the form, you can give the photocopy, but while going for an interview, you need to have the original with you. 

I-94, Arrival/Departure

It is also imperative to show your I-94 arrival/departure record. You can get this document issued from Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This acts as proof that while entering into the USA, you were duly checked and inspected. 

A Copy of Government-Issued Identification

This could your passport page with a non-immigrant visa or your passport page with your admission or parole stamp.

I-693, Medical Examination, and Vaccination Record

You are required by the USCIS to undergo a medical examination that needs to be performed only by a USCIS-designated physician. Once, the examination is done, the doctor gives the result in a sealed envelope on the I-693. This needs to be submitted during your green card interview.  Do not in any case, open the sealed envelope given by the doctor, as USCIS will not accept it. 

Criminal History

Also, it is very significant for you to reveal any criminal records, if applicable. If at any time, you were convicted or arrested in the USA or any other country, you need to submit the records. If not, then you need to show Police clearance certificates

Military records

You have served in the military, you need to present the records for that.

Thus, these are the documents that you need to submit while applying for Green Card through marriage.


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