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Canada’s 10 Best Jobs – What to Study to Secure One?

Every single year, some of the most promising careers have been identified in Canada, based on the rates of median salary, hiring, and wage growth. So what are the requirements to get yourself one of these jobs?

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Canada’s 10 Best Jobs – What to Study to Secure One?
  1. Utility manager- Required Mostly in All Provinces in Canada

No bachelor degree is required in utility management. But, some post-secondary training would be required along with experience in order to oversee the delivery of vital services inclusive of water, electricity, and heating. Studies in Business would be quite helpful in securing a job in utility management. 

  1. Engineering manager- Great Opportunities- especially those willing to settle in Ontario or Alberta Provinces

An engineering manager is one who oversees staff as well as engineering projects. This would require a degree in engineering degree, years of experience and even some business training. The first stop would be an undergraduate degree in engineering.

  1. Pipefitting supervisor- Get employment Offer fast In Canada with this SkillSet

This job does not need a university or college degree. However, it requires years of on-the-job training in order to get a pipefitting supervisor position. The role includes overseeing various teams that handle the oil, heat, and water systems in everything right from residential housing to the large-scale commercial and industrial facilities. In order to get the job done effectively, you would have to qualify in the pipefitting trade via an apprenticeship and certification. 

  1. Pharmacist- Large number of opportunities in Canada Plus High Pay rate

If you intend to get into the job of a pharmacist, you need to have completed an undergraduate course in science. Post this you need to apply for admission into any one of the pharmacy schools in Canada and obtain the degree, which includes a combination of both in-class as well as clinical instruction. You also need to clear the board exam via the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.

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  1. Public administration director- Prior Experience will help get Job faster in Canada

To secure the job of a public administration director, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in social science (either political science or economics), business, or a law degree. This has to be combined with a lot of work experience in the public sector. 

  1. Health care manager- Quick Job Offer and High Wage Rate- Great Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada

This would require enrollment into the top universities that offer nursing programs in the country. There are different routes that can be followed, you can either opt to be a nurse, a doctor or any other health care professional, which requires the necessary qualifications.

  1. Senior Business Manager Jobs in Canada- Especially from Good Business School Students 

This would require getting into one of the top-ranked business school for your undergraduate studies. You also need to understand what kind of business interests you, based on which you could select the business school best suited for the course.

  1. Banking and Credit Manager Jobs – Quick Job Offers for new Immigrants in Canada

This role would require you to study business or economics. In case you wish to build up a career in banking, you could enroll in an institute that offers an internship requirement or an in-built work-term as well.

  1. Veterinarian

Those who aspire to become vets have to secure top marks during the four-year science undergrad degree before enrolling for another four years at a vet college. This is a highly competitive course and Canada has just five colleges.

10.Marketing and public relations manager

To secure a job in this area, there are many educational options such as marketing, journalism, communications, public relations—or a combination of some fields—that are studied either at college or university.


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