How are Visa Fraudsters getting Victims into their Net? – Check out to Stay Protected

With the ambition of going abroad and have a wish to do anything for the same, give a chance to many imposters to take advantage of them. Many of the Fraudsters either portray themselves as an employee of a well-established visa organization or show any of the links with the organization. These fraudsters promised them a specific job with other perks in abroad to get money out of them. Continue reading How are Visa Fraudsters getting Victims into their Net?

How are Visa Fraudsters getting Victims into their Net
How are Visa Fraudsters getting Victims into their Net? – Check out to Stay Protected

How are Visa Fraudsters getting Victims into their Net- Fraudsters Lured the victims with job and visa-

Visa fraudsters are not associated with any of the visa agencies, but they portrait them so. The ambition of the getting visa and settling abroad of the victims let these fraudster usurp the money. Following are the ways how these Fraudsters works to lured the Innocent Victims-

  • Fraudsters impose themselves as a part of visa agencies or even pose as their employee.
  • By sending Spoof Emails using the email ID nearly the same with the actual website, for example, they will use, but the actual site is
  • By using copying Software, they copy the website’s home page and the phone numbers of the key employees to make an impression that call has come from an authenticated source.
  • Furthermore to make Victims believe the authenticity of the Fraudster website they ask to verify the number and create a dummy office where people come and submit their documents.
  • They further lured the victim by the Job offer letter with the spoofing Email and to accept the job letter; they also make a condition of deposit money first and share the bank details with them.

Signs that can tell Victims that they are being Scammed-

  1. When Victims are receiving emails related to Job letter and visa from a personal Email ID such as Gmail or Yahoo.
  2. Basic sign to see if you are scammed or not is getting Job offer letter from a company you haven’t applied for.
  3. For the acceptance of Job offer you been demanded money or have told to share the bank details and on failure to do so your job offer will get expired.
  4. The company logo on the job letter is being photoshop.

Leading Visa Companies are trying to Educate the People regarding Scamsters- VFS Global Chief Operating Officer-

Vinay Malhotra CEO of VFS Global spoke on this issue and said that the main problem the leading Visa companies are dealing with is of fraudsters who associate their identity with the Authenticated visa companies. To avoid that Mr. Malhotra said they had taken some measures such as-

  • Educating Visa applicants through Social media regarding the Frauds and how to prevent it.
  • Educate them with the necessary signs to checks when approached by a fraudster.
  • Tell the people not to share any details regarding passport, visa applicant number or bank details on a public domain.
  • Along with educating the people, leading Visa companies with Information Security Teams to try to investigate and bust these fraudsters.
  • Send Anti- Fraud Notification awareness is through SMS, Email, Press reports, Advertisements, VAC posters, Social media.

Ending lines-

As a result of these measures, the data have shown a decline in the number of complaints regarding visa Frauds in 2018 by 32% if being compared with the allegations in 2017. Beware of the fraudsters and look for the tell-signs before sharing any critical information related to passport, visa applicant number or bank details.


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