Justin Trudeau gives Warning about Fear-Mongering about Immigration

Justin Trudeau gives Warning about Fear-Mongering about Immigration, discussing the hot button will be the problem during the election campaign this time.

Justin Trudeau gives Warning about Fear-Mongering about Immigration
Justin Trudeau gives Warning about Fear-Mongering about Immigration

Fear-Mongering about Immigration-is all false as the Govt. has provided Asylum to many Syrians-

Prediction made by the prime minister in a meeting at the town hall, northern New Brunswick, where a young Syrian refugee thanked the prime minister for permitting her family to come to Canada. Prime minister told that he & his government had granted asylum to around 40,000 Syrian refugees in 2015-16.

The main Motto the Country is to give a Better life to the immigrants- Justin Trudeau

Prime minister was glad to help and said that Canadians made the integration of Syrians success in church & community groups, neighborhoods & families. He said that this country was built by welcoming people who were supported to develop a better life.

It is the people of Canada who are spreading Fear-Mongering about Immigration

The world has become more dangerous and increasingly anxious for Trudeau told immigration in a changed tone.He added more that when we have more anxiety, it is self-evident about those fears which drummed up and exacerbated.

He also said that some people in Canada are creating fear, intolerance, and rumors about immigration across Canada and we have to deal with it with some positivity.

It is a Political Stunt by Opposition to Taint the Image of Prime Minister-

Trudeau was told the most divisive prime minister by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and accused his liberal party of dismissing anyone who arises questions on Canada’s immigration system.

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Accusations increased by Scheer when Trudeau told The Canadian Press about Scheer and the conservatives of his dangerous games played by them to raise fear of immigration by lying.

Anger among the Canadians is all because of the UN compact signed without considering the opinion of Canadians-

When a woman was trying to know reasons about signing the UN compact without consulting Canadians by Trudeau’s government, Trudeau replied that the agreement would allow a country to co-operate with all other countries on immigration. Trudeau blamed the criticism on “politics of division” with raising his voice.

The meeting was held before the Election Period to Boost Candidates during this Period-

This public meeting was being held to boost the fortunes of candidates in an election period in New Brunswick. In 2015, candidates won 32 ridings in Atlantic Canada.

James M. Hill High school was very kind to the prime minister in Miramichi. There were a few words for thanking him and a few requests for photos during the question-answer session.

Trudeau answered 16 questions about every query on abortion, rural development, radon gas, seasonal development, indigenous rights, cannabis, and Lyme disease for more than 90 minutes.