Moving to Singapore? How to get a job in Singapore?

The job market in Singapore is flourishing day by day and it is providing a great place for the newcomers to work and explore their talents in different industries. Singapore is one of the selected destinations by the immigrants as it provides high living standards at a low cost of living, favorable weather and safety to live. But now the question is How to get a job in Singapore?

Moving to Singapore? How to get a job in Singapore?
Moving to Singapore? How to get a job in Singapore?

The following steps will make it easier to get it started-

Eligibility check- to work in Singapore

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has built an online assessment tool by which you can easily check if you are eligible for working in Singapore or not. This online assessment tool is SmArT. This self-assessment tool doesn’t guarantee you the job as it doesn’t assess you on your personal background and permit quota. Applying for a work permit is the last step in all these steps as you firstly need a job for applying for the same.

Choose a thriving industry-which will increase your scope of getting a job in Singapore

Singapore is well known for its financial job market but nowadays new markets and industries are on rising. E-commerce industry has invaded every part of the world so in Singapore, due to which there is high demand for UI and UX designers. IT, hospitality, computer science and tourism are also high paid jobs in Singapore.

Understand common employment practices in Singapore- imbibe the work culture

Before actually going there and start working first try to understand what are the employment practices in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower on its website has given a brief introduction to the practices which includes- salary structure, holidays, leaves, working hours, contracts etc. Before starting looking for the job first go through these practices and see whether that will suit you or not.

Search Online- websites through which you can apply for the job with Singapore Companies-

The online market has made much work easy, you can search for the job online sitting at your home. There are many sites online which can provide you with lots of information regarding jobs, here are few through which you can apply- Monster,, eFinancialCareers, Jobs Central, Job Street.

Contact an employment agency- will give a better understanding of the industry in Singapore-

Online will help you in listing the jobs available but an employment agency will help you after that. He will brief you about what company needs, how should be your CV, what kind of interview question you are going to be asked and many more things. Their tips and tricks will help you in understand the industry better.

Make out an impressive CV- sell yourself out with your CV-

As the saying First impression is the last impression, your targeted employer will first meet your CV than you. So try to make a good impression with your CV. Make it short, precise and mentioned your all qualification and trainees you have done academically and professionally. Things you are mentioning in the CV, you should have explanation and certification for the same. Make it worthy enough to get you a job.

Meet people- to understand the work culture in Singapore

Networking with people already working and staying in Singapore will help you understand the working environment and practices better. If you are in Singapore for the job search then you have the opportunity to talk with the people, otherwise, you can contact different groups online for the better interaction. LinkedIn would be a great option to start with.

Startup Grind Singapore, The Hub, TiE Singapore

these are a varied group that will mentor and guide you with your job searching. Groups like Startup Grind are for the budding entrepreneur to start their business in Singapore.

Apply for your work visa for Singapore

Now after getting done with a job search and getting a job you come to this point of applying for the work visa. Singapore is the hub of expats and immigrants, country’s visa process is easy and can be done by the individual without seeking any help from the immigration services. For applying for the work visa the first thing that is needed is a job offer and after that, you need to submit the application with the required visa fee online. Your visa will be processed and will come to you with the stamp on it within 7 days only.

One thing more before applying, make sure for what category of the visa you are eligible. Different categories of the visas are as follows-

Employment Pass– This type of visa is for the directors, managers and other high-level officials. This visa is valid up to 1-2 years but it can be renewed as needed. A person whose salary is $3600 per month is eligible for this type of visa.

EntrePass – This type of visa is for the persons who are experienced investors, innovators or entrepreneurs- who want to start their own business in Singapore.

Personalized Employment Pass– The foreign officials who have a salary of at least $18,000 are eligible for this type of visa. The high official having Employment pass are also eligible for this type of visa.

S Pass- This type of visa is for all type of skilled staff who are earning $2200, with a degree or diploma from a reputed university and having a work experience.



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