How life becomes simpler after getting the US Green Card

Most of the immigrants who have moved to the USA whether on H-1B visa or any other visa, always wished to have the US green card owing to the perks that one gets after getting a Green Card. Immigrants in job sector or legal doesn’t enjoy the equal rights as native US citizens. As they are restricted to specific job sector. Green Card holder enjoys many of the advantages. Let’s see How life becomes simpler after getting the US Green Card.

How life becomes simpler after getting the US Green Card
How life becomes simpler after getting the US Green Card

Advantages of holding a Green Card- before getting the US citizenship

Before becoming a US citizen an immigrant must hold a Green Card. Immigrants enjoy many of the perks of holding a Green Card. Many of the countries allow dual citizenship so that would be like the hole in one. You can enjoy being a citizen of both the countries, one being the US is just classic. Underlying are some advantages to having a Green Card-.

  • Freedom to live-Here comes to the freedom to live in any of the states in the US with the Green Card.
  • Freedom of travel-You can commute in and out of the USA any number of times you want.
  • Lifetime validity– Green card is still valid for the authorized stay even though it gets expired and you are not required to fill an I-94 form for that. Though you have to renew it every 10 years.
  • Freedom to work– You need not have the US employer sponsorship for work. You can also work in the sector which is restricted to the natives. With the Green Card, there is no restriction of weekly working hours. Some states put conditions for the work like insurance agents or an estate dealer to have Green Card. So having Green Card you have cleared this barrier too.
  • Financial support for education– You are eligible to undertake government sponsored education. You can demand the financial help for completing your education anytime.
  • Have to pay fewer tuition fees– if compared with other immigrants tuition fees of the College and university, it is far less for the Green Card holders.
  • Freedom to start your own business– being on any visa other than having a green card you are not allowed to start your own venture. But as soon as you attained Green Card holder status, you are free to start your own thing.
  • After retirement benefits– If a Green Card holder worked 40 quarters in 10 years then he is eligible for getting Social Security benefits after he got retirement.
  • No need to worry about the changes in the immigration rules– Unlike, the latest changes in the immigration policies under Trump’s presidency, have put immigrants on H-1B visa into a great dilemma about what is going to happen. Green Card holders have nothing to worry about.
  • Power of sponsorship– Green Card holders are free to invite their immediate family members such as spouses and children to the US for a permanent stay with them.
  • Eligible for loans from banks– Many of the banks of the US have a pre-condition before sanctioning a loan, that the applicant must a long-term visa or a Green Card. Special interest rates are offered to the Green Card holders in case of home loan and personal loan.
  • Legal rights– A Green Card holder is eligible to participate in political campaigns but can’t vote. Except for the voting, he enjoys every legal right just as any of the natives.

What is the difference between Green Card and U.S. Citizenship

Though both are sources of providing legal status to live and work in the USA. A green card is the first step in obtaining US citizenship. US citizenship is the highest status one can think of getting. There are benefits which can be enjoyed by the US citizen only such as a US citizen can vote, he can sponsor other family members also. US citizen like green card holder can’t be deported by the officials until unless they found some fraud in obtaining the same.