Quebec Candidates In Canada Are Facing Serious Problems with The Processing Time Of The Federal Permanent Residence

There are some Quebec immigration candidates who have already applied for the permanent residence visa but despite meeting all the terms of the programs the visas are yet to be processed by the Federal government. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said that the applications from the Iranian nationals are at the “security review” stage, which made them feel that they are being treated in an unfair manner.

As per the critics, this problem is spread in the entire country of Canada. The highly qualified Iranians who have been nominated by the provinces are now waiting for so long in order to process the applications.

Generally, the immigration streams like the Quebec Skilled Worker Program see a turnaround time of say 15 months. But there are some Iranian candidates who have to wait for a longer period of time. The worst factor is that this situation is coming up even after meeting all the program requirements in a proper way.

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, security checks can take a little longer time in certain cases, irrespective of the nationality.

Quebec usually administers the immigration programs with a set of selection criteria which are more predictable from those of the provincial and Federal immigration programs.

The two-step immigration process needs to be undergone by the foreign nationals who wish to settle down in Quebec on a permanent basis.

  • Firstly, they need to be chosen by the immigration authority of Quebec, MIDI or Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion. Then, CSQ or Quebec Certificat de Sélection will be provided to the selected candidates.
  • Secondly, an application needs to be filed by the CSQ holder with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The issues of criminality and health are the major areas of concerns for the Federal government of Quebec while evaluating the permanent residence applications.

The Government of Quebec has published new areas of training list which was effective from 8th March 2017. In fact, these areas given in the training list are one of the important components under the Quebec skilled worker program. The list has been revised and a huge range of study points are awarded to candidates as well as a spouse for acquiring diplomas outside Quebec is considered as Quebec equivalent or obtained in Quebec.

Moreover, under all the programs which will be held in 2018 Quebec is planning to welcome new permanent residents – nearly 49000 to 53000.

The Quebec government has its own set of exclusive jurisdiction for managing the comprehensive immigration programs under the agreement series which date back to the year 1981. It is known for having the largest allocation of Canada immigrants, including the 10 provinces which are accounted for approximately around 17% of Canada’s overall plant annual immigration level for the year 2018.


Raima Sen

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