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How to Apply for Canada Citizenship or Permanent Residency via Study Permit

Every year, Canada receives an average number of 250,000 immigrants. In 2016, it took in about 300,000 immigrants making it 822 per day and 34 per hour. So, it is clear from the figures above that hundreds of thousands of people aspire to get Canada Citizenship and PR. If you are also one among them, then you have come to the right place as we suggest you the  easiest and fastest routes, one of which is via study permit.

Let us further explore ways to acquire Canada citizenship and PR in depths.

explore ways to acquire Canada citizenship and PR
explore ways to acquire Canada citizenship and PR

How to get Canada Citizenship or PR after Studies?

Canadian Experience Class: Express Entry System

Under the Canadian Experience Class program (CEC), you can apply for permanent residency visa after having gained sufficient experience on your Study Permit in Canada.

A new point based system of Express Entry has been introduced, according to which any immigrant who can contribute to the Canadian economy is considered eligible for obtaining Canada Citizenship or permanent residency, by gaining points based on education, work experience, knowledge of English and French language, etc.

Canada Citizenship

If you are an international student who graduated from a post-secondary institution in Canada with a work experience of at least one year, you may have the qualities to make a transition from being a temporary resident of a permanent resident.

You are then familiar with Canadian society and may be considered a valuable asset to the development of Canadian economy.

An international student can also apply for PR in Canada, upon spending adequate time in the country. Recently, a relaxation has been made by the Canadian Federal Government regarding the time duration required for an international student to stay in Canada. 

Requirements to acquire Study Permit in Canada:

  1. Choose the Right Institution/University: Your choice of the institution must be based on:
  • It is a Designate Learning Institution (DLI), to get a study permit
  • It can award a degree or diploma; meets the provincial requirements of providing degree or diploma
  • It is an authorised institution, to let you apply for Post Graduate study work permit.
  1. Choose the Right Course: The course of study you opt for must be in adherence to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) of Canada.
  2. Language Proficiency: You must be able to speak in both English and French as they are the official languages in Canada. Universities have set parameters for international students requiring IELTS with a band score of 6.5 at least. It is only then, students are offered the letter of acceptance and hence a study permit.
  3. Co-op Work and Post-Graduation Work permit: Any work experience that you obtain during your full-time studies via Co-op programs offered by various universities and colleges, is not counted as a valid work experience by IRCC when applying for Canadian Citizenship.
    For this reason, it is important for every international student to apply and obtain a Post-Graduation open Work Permit, so as to be able to work full time upon completion of their studies. This entitles them as an experienced, skilled worker, who is then eligible to become a permanent resident.

Furthermore, to assure a successful application based on the criteria set by Government of Canada, you must employ an experienced and authorized consultant or advisor. You can visit several reliable and appropriate Study Visa Consultants in your city and use their help.

The application form is the most important document in your visa obtaining process.

Hence, consultants can assist you throughout the visa process, from application filing, reviewing to submitting, as per the guidelines under Canadian Immigration Embassy. They will also guide you with your prospects once you are in Canada.

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