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What are the problems being faced due to the change in foreign visa policy?

Where there is a will there is a way, this goes perfectly with the recent foreign visa policy change in the countries like US.

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How Businesses are managing to combat the Visa cut by US for their employees

These changes have affected all foreign institutions of US in a great way. Here is a brief idea regarding how these changes are affecting US businessmen and the effective way outs these businessmen are trying to raise visa limit for their foreign workers.

First world countries are facing problems while generating the fund through tourism, agriculture and various other sectors because of these recent changes. In addition to this, health and education sectors are badly affected by the changes in visa policy.

Different Types of Visas for USA

There are various forms of visas available that can serve the need of different persons. Below is the list of visas that are effectively useful for the foreign worker and the students who want to stay in a foreign country for the job and education purpose.

H1-B Visa –

Temporary visa issues to foreign national up to a maximum of 65000 per year. Individuals obtaining H1-B visa are allowed to take up work assignment in US. The dependent of such individuals needs to obtain H4 visa in order to stay in US.

B1/B2 Visa –

Very short duration visa for attending business meeting, conferences or for tourist purposes. No work is allowed under this visa rule.

H-2b Visa –

This is a temporary visa for the adult and seasonal worker. Using this one can stay in a foreign country for not more than one year. This type of visa can only be issued to a person if his or her employer asks the authority to do so on job purpose.

J-2 Visa –

This is a temporary visa which is restricted only for students, babysitters and camp counselors. Validity of this visa depends upon the longevity of the j-1 type visa.

H-2A visa –

This visa is strictly provided to the agricultural workers who are requested to come into a country for the business purpose. Using this visa one can stay in countries like the US for one year. And thereafter, validity of this can be enhanced up to three years.

EB-3 Visa

This one is the permanent visa for the foreigner who provides nursing service. It is also known as the green card. Skilled labors who work in the formal sector are also able to get this visa.

L-1 Visa-

This visa is issued to the employees who work in a US affiliated company. From 2009 this is subdivided in L1A and L1B to curtail the need of executive and specialized workforce respectively.

TN visa-

This are specially constituted visa for the citizens of Mexico and Canadian people.

Problems being Faced Due To Change in Foreign Visa Policy by US

There are several problems that are being faced by both foreign employees and employers. These recent changes have brought down the number of foreign workers and students in the respective fields that have ultimately resulting in a deadweight loss in productivity, output, and the ability of these countries.

Small towns of US still largely depend on the cheap ailment services by the third world countries. This has been hugely hampered by the recent changes. Moreover, tourism industry got affected badly because of the rise in strictness in visa issuance.

On the other hand issuance of temporary foreign visa policy has become strict. Now each and every employer and employee is questioned and cross-examined once the application part is done. In addition to this, approval process of H-2B foreign visas has become lengthier. This has made a sensation of fear in mind and has hugely affected both the tourism industry as well as IT industry.

Statistics Regarding Effect of Change in US Visa Policy in diverse sectors

There is a steep rise in the rehiring of workers in the countries like the US. Almost 198000 workers were rehired because only 66000 new workers are allowed through the new visa policy. New visa policy has clearly stated that there must not be any hiring from African countries like Jamaica. In addition to this, only 300 to 500 students are allowed against the J-1 visa policy.

Way-outs opted so far by Employers in US to Combat Visa Curbs

To tackle the situation like this, business people have emerged with new ideas. Some highlighted areas are

  1. Businessmen are rehiring the present workforce in addition to the new foreign workers extending their staying
  2. J-1 visa holders are targeted to make a potential workforce in companies. These J-1 visa holders are young and energetic that can help to the business
  3. CIEE countries are helping to raise the workforce by providing J-2 visa to the students
  4. More off shoring options are opted by IT companies
  5. Utilization of available workforce effectively

Next is wait & watch to see how long this change works for business sectors.

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