What are the study and work opportunities you can enjoy in Italy?

Study and work Opportunities in Italy

Italy has become one of the most popular places today where many aspiring minds are migrating in search of excellent education and employment opportunities. Therefore, it will be advisable to know about the study and work opportunities in Italy in detail.

study and work opportunities in Italy
study and work opportunities in Italy

Details of study options and student visa in Italy

Italy is a melting spot of culture and cuisine and at the same time, it is buzzing with enhanced economic activities that are increasingly making Italy a preferable spot for studies. In order to study in Italy, it is important to get hold of a student visa for the non-European students although European students only need a passport and an ID card and can study without a study permit in Italy. However, it is mandatory for the students to bring along the following documents before entering into Italy for studies:

  • Letter of acceptance from the concerned university, which has selected the student.
  • Adequate proofs stating the means of full financial support along with the funds required to book return tickets to their home after finishing studies.
  • Medical certificates as evidence of fitness of the body and other related health documents that are required to support the medical statement of the candidate.

Italy offers lots of Bachelor degree, Master degree and Diploma programs for the students coming from all over the world. The students can therefore choose from any of the following study options:

  • Bachelor degrees: Italy has one of the best Bachelor degree programs in the field of science and engineering, especially in the core disciplines such as mechanical and electrical along with additional courses of industrial engineering as well. Apart from these courses, economics, accounting and finance, medical courses, courses in marketing, design, tourism, linguistics and other management and business courses are also present in Italy.
  • Master degree programs: Universities and non-universities programs offer master degree programs in Italy. Universities generally are of two kinds, namely public and private universities that provide master degree programs in various disciplines like management and business, accounts and business economics, design in various fantastic fields, etc.
  • Diploma programs: Apart from regular bachelor and master degree programs, there are diploma programs as well that offer courses in management and business, design, languages, marketing, etc.

Italy offers superb scholarships for students from all over the world who are having good track record or who pass certain tests of universities that will help the students to carry on the studies in a hassle-free manner. In fact, the study and work opportunities in Italy are very much dependable and one can get equipped with optimum experience while learning as well as earning in Italy.

Employment opportunities in Italy

There are various kinds of part-time as well as full-time job opportunities in Italy. However, it is compulsory for an individual to know the Italian language because working here will require conversing and communicating in Italy mostly and there is not much of scope for English language here.

While studying here, one can easily find part-time working opportunities in the restaurants, bars, supermarkets, newspapers, pamphlets and magazine offices while studying in Italy, provided, the working hours limit do not exceed more than 20 hours per week. It becomes easier if some local Asian contacts are found here in Italy so that they can assist in finding some appropriate working opportunities.

The study and work opportunities in Italy

  1. There are some full-time career prospects as well but at first, it is vital to get a valid work permit in case of non European immigrants.
  2. In this regard, it will be wise to state that Italy is always in need of English speaking professionals. In fact, English tutors are always held in high esteem and they have a high demand in Italy.
  3. Apart from these, other career domains include fashion designing, journalism, media and mass communication, arts, tourism, finance and international business in the various cities of Italy that include Florence, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Sardinia and Aquila that have got the highest number of employment opportunities in Italy.

Other aspects of study and work opportunities in Italy

  1. There are different consulting agencies that will provide perfect guidance regarding study and work opportunities in Italy.
  2. Short-term placement cells are available and various online job portals are present that will help any foreigner to find some job opportunities in Italy. Although at first, one may not get the ideal job and might have to start off with a moderately paid part-time job, yet, this will help to gain an added advantage by getting to know about the work culture of Italy and also develop networking.
  3. One may even have to do many odd jobs as well but with hard work, perseverance and tenacity, it will not be impossible to find rewarding career prospects in Italy as the scope of flourishing here is immense, especially in the domain of mass communication, media, journalism, fashion, finance and management.
  4. With years of work and experience, one can even ride up the corporate ladder and get to an executive ran position too.

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