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Changes to Canada Super Visa Program

Canada, 21st July: Do you know the latest changes to Canada Super Visa program?

Yes, that’s true. Let us see these changes here now.

Changes to Canada Super Visa ProgramChanges to Canada Super Visa program—There are several changes to Canada Super Visa program here now. Canada super visa program has undergone changes in the recent times. Let us see these changes to Canada Super Visa program.

<blockquote> Changes to Canada Super Visa program have been announced. </blockquote>

A new document needed for Canada Super Visa program—A new document will be needed for Canada Super Visa program. Yes, that’s right. Canada Super Visa program will now require a new document.

This has been revealed by the IRCC(Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) in a latest update. Canada Super Visa program enables parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens to come and stay in Canada for extensive period.

What is the new document needed?—Well, the sponsor of Canada super visa shall be required to meet the minimum income threshold. This is as per the IRCC regulation. So, the IRCC is going to need the tax document for analysis of the income. Printouts of CRA(Canada Revenue Agency) My Account shall be needed.

The requirement of this latest document for Canada Super Visa program has become effective. It has been included in the changed document checklist too.

Requirements of Canada Super Visa program—see following—an applicant must –

  • Be a grandparent or a parent of Canada citizen/Canada permanent resident
  • Follow other main program requirements
  • Have authority to enter into Canada

Other requirements shall be verified by the immigration official before taking any decision on PGP(Parents and Grandparents) Super Visa Program.

A candidate needs to confirm that his or her grandchild/child fulfills the minimum income threshold. He or she must give a written statement(issued by the sponsor/child/grandchild) who is going to provider the financial support(to the grandchild/child in Canada).

The candidate needs to have authorized Canada medical insurance coverage for at least one year. And must go through immigration medical examination.

Canada Super Visa program is popular for meeting children/grandchildren in Canada. This is for grandparents or parents of Canada citizens or Canada permanent residents.



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