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Families to Challenge UK Minimum Income Visa rules

United Kingdom, 4th March: Families are going to challenge Minimum income UK visa rules in Supreme court.

It may be notable that minimum income requirement is robbing many families in the UK the right to family life.

Families to Challenge UK Minimum Income Visa rulesUK families to challenge minimum income visa rules in Supreme court—Many families of UK citizens are being denied the right to stay in the UK simply due to latest UK minimum income visa rules for non-EU partners. They have stated that the minimum income visa rules are denying the right to a family life.

Many migrant rights groups as well as family campaigners are condemning the minimum income visa rules.

<blockquote> Families denied the right to stay in the UK are challenging the UK minimum income visa rules in Supreme Court. </blockquote>

What are the UK minimum income visa rules?—As per the minimum income UK visa rules, all UK citizens need to earn at least £18,600 for bringing their non-EU spouse. And if they have a child not having a UK citizenship, then the minimum income needs to be at least £22,400. That’s not all. For each subsequent child, there needs to be an additional income of £2,400.

Its been maintained that nearly 47 percent of working UK population is being barred from living with their non-EU spouse in their home nation. This has led to creation of increased Skype families.

UK Minimum income visa requirement highest in the World--Its been also further stated that the requirement of £18,600 is almost not achievable for many families in the UK. UK’s minimum income threshold is highest in the world. While the UK government states the threshold is meant to make the families self-sufficient, but, there seems to be almost uncertain that foreign spouses having no recourse to public funds, will not be any additional drain on the UK taxpayers.

So, the current minimum income UK visa rules are quite absurd since they are turning UK citizens into temporary or even permanent exile. People are being forced to move out of the UK and then come back. That’s even in case of those having UK citizenship. What is all this if its not absurd?

The critics are arguing the law since it penalizes nearly 43 percent of the UK population. The law was introduced by the UK government in the month of July 2012. It simply means to imply that UK citizens in full-time employment on minimum wage cannot enjoy the right to stay in the UK with their spouse(non-EU spouse) and children in the UK.


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