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Common Canada Visa Issues and Queries

Canada, 7th August: Let us discuss some common Canada visa issues and Canada visa queries in detail here

Canada Visa and Canada Immigration Problems Applicants for Canada visas have different queries and issues pertaining to their applications. We will be discussing here some common Canada visa issues in detail for the benefit of all concerned applicants.

Canada visa issues—Can a Canada visa be stamped from any different Canada visa office?—Yes, this might be the issue of several Canada visa applicants whose visa had been stamped from any different Canada visa office(they might have applied from a different Canada visa office and it could have been stamped by any other Canada visa office).

So, in such a scenario, it would be worth mentioned that it is absolutely appropriate for a Canada visa to get stamped from a Canada visa office other than from where the application was submitted.

<blockquote> Some common Canada visa issues from different Canada visa applicants are being discussed here in detail for their benefit. </blockquote>

Do Canadian embassies or Canada consulates have a higher rate of error?—It has been maintained by a large number of applicants for Canada visas that the error or mistake rate by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) is quite notable. Hence, the need is to develop better working norms for detection of such mistakes by CIC.

Some common mistakes by CIC—

Let us see some examples of common mistakes committed by CIC.

  • A Chinese national facing deportation as Canada immigration officers maintained that he had been unable to respond to the demands of further documents. The Chinese person, on the contrary, indicated that he never received any such letter for any documents.
  • A person from Jamaica got a notice from the immigration officials that his application for immigration was getting processed. However, after a few months, he was told that his file was misplaced and that his incomplete package was returned back to him.
  • In another such case of error by Canada immigration department CIC, a foreign student from India was issued a Canada student visa but it had an expiry date that had passed already.

Why applicants should get affected for the mistakes of CIC?—Now the question that needs attention is that why should innocent and genuine applicants for Canada visa be affected for no fault of their own. Yes, even the CIC has itself agreed that such mistakes need attention.

However, it still maintains that the system of CIC is not only sound but well integrated.

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