US Immigration Questions Answered

United States, 4th May: Let us see some important US immigration questions and their answers here.

Here, we are going to take up important US immigration questions and their answers for the information of all concerned.

US Immigration Questions Answered US immigration questions

Question—My naturalization application was denied eight years ago by the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) due to improper tax returns. My US citizenship holder wife, who had petitioned for me, has separated. Will I get US citizenship if I reapply?

Answer—Yes, you can naturalize if you are able to prove that you compiled with US tax rules for last five years. You also need to prove that you are of good moral character or last five years. This includes compilation of tax rules.

<blockquote> Let us see here some important US Immigration questions and their answers. </blockquote>

Question—I am a 25-year-old US citizen. My parents came here unlawfully several years ago. My grandfather is a US permanent resident. I came to know that my father will require an unlawful presence waiver for getting his US Green Card. However, he can apply for this waiver while here.

Answer—Your father is qualified to make an application for a provisional stateside waiver. If he is successful, then he can get USCIS forgiveness for having been here unlawfully before travelling overseas for his US immigrant visa interview. He will have to prove that if his family is separated, it will lead to extreme hardship. The USCIS is generous with such waivers. So, he must go for it.

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Question –What is the eligibility for US provisional stateside waiver?

Answer—To get the US provisional stateside waiver, one needs to be an immediate relative of any US citizen. The could be a spouse, unmarried children below 21 or parent, where the citizen child is not less than 21 years. The applicant needs to prove that separating the family will lead to extreme hardship to a US citizen or US permanent resident parent or spouse.

Question—I go my US Green Card when my wife(a US citizen) petitioned for me. We are married for three years. I got my US permanent residency two years ago. Can I apply for naturalization now?

Answer—You can naturalize after becoming a US Permanent resident for three years. You can make an application after you have become a permanent resident for two years and nine months.

Majority of individuals cannot naturalize unless and until they have US permanent residency for not less than five years.