Planning to settle down in the country of Brazil? Get the Brazilian Citizenship now!

It can be a tough decision to choose which country to live in, considering there is a great deal of time and capital investment required. And, if you’re thinking of Brazil, then there are indeed two good ways to fast-track and acquire permanent residency. One is by marrying a Brazilian citizen, and the other is to make a considerable investment in Brazil.Let us look at the citizenship by marriage option.

There are several benefits of having a Brazilian Citizenship.

Marrying a Brazlian does not get you citizenship, you need to apply at federal Police Station

First and foremost, marrying a Brazilian citizen does not enable you a Brazilian Citizenship.Whether you marry or not, you need to apply for a citizenship at the Federal Police Station, however marrying a Brazilian citizen does expedite the process a bit. It may still take up to 2 years to get permanent residency in Brazil, so let’s dive a bit deeper.

Brazilian Citizenship- 21st Best citizenship, Travel anywhere in South America

If you possess a Brazilian citizenship, you can travel anywhere across the South American continent. Brazilian citizenship enables you the power to travel visa-free in South America and is considered the 21st best passport in the world.

Marry inside of Brazil or outside?

If you’re not yet married, consider getting married outside the country, as the paperwork wouldn’t be as daunting. That’s not to say you wouldn’t have to deal with paperwork. Applying for Brazilian Citizenship involves a lot of documents, so prepare yourself for it, as it’s pretty normal in Brazil.

The Process of getting Brazilian Citizenship 

Applying for a Brazilian Citizenship is not going to be free, so you’ll have to bear the processing fees of the Consulate. Once you file your paperwork with the Brazilian Consulate, and if we look at a best-case scenario, you may receive your permanent resident visa within 90 days.

You cannot apply for residency from another country, so you have to physically be present in Brazil to set things in motion. Whether you married your significant other in Brazil or in another part of the world, you will have to present all the documents you have ever signed before getting married, along with your marriage certification for a thorough inspection. The lawyer you hire will make things a bit simpler and do all the legwork for you.

Local help is recommended to help documentation for Brazilian Citizenship

If you’re well-versed in Portuguese and know the local ways, then may be you can get by without any help, however, we recommend you hire a local fixer or lawyer who understands how the system works. Hiring professional help can reduce a lot of your pressure, and save you tons of time. Having a good lawyer on your side can help you avoid any unnecessary delays. Experienced lawyers very well know, it’s best to hire a fixer to file the paperwork. Although you should be wary, all the fixers are not as good as they may portray, some may even jeopardize your application.

Marrying a Brazilian definitely helps get Citizenship faster

While it may seem a bit of extra work, don’t forget the advantages of having a Brazilian passport. If you have visited the country, you may already be inclined towards the wonderful culture, vast coastlines, tropical climate and other features it has to offer. Getting Brazilian citizenship via marriage will surely expedite the process and take you one step closer to enjoying the perks of Brazilian Nationality.