Job opportunities in Western Canada

Canada, 17th October: Job opportunities are shifting towards Western Canada.

This has been revealed by a recent report by Statistics Canada.

Jobs in Western Canada—Are you an aspirant of jobs in Canada?

Then you should aim towards Western Canada. Yes, as per a recent report by Statistics Canada, job opportunities are shifting towards Western Canada. So, for all those looking for jobs in Canada, the right thing is to immigrate to Western Canada.

Foreigners to pay more for fast-track UK visas

United Kingdom, 17th October: Rich foreign investors desirous of UK permanent residency will need to shell out increased costs for their UK visas.

Yes, this has been announced by the UK Home Office recently.

UK doubles minimum investment for fast-track UK visas—Are you an aspirant for fast-track UK permanent residency? If yes, then be ready to spend increased amount on getting such UK visas.

The UK Home Office has increased costs for rich foreigners seeking UK permanent residency.

That’s because the UK Home Office has almost doubled the minimum investment amount to nearly £2m. These UK visas are highly sought-after by the rich Russians and Chinese nationals.

Australia 462 Working Holiday Visa

Lets see the information in detail about Australia 462 Working Holiday Visa here.

Australia 462 Working Holiday Visa—Australia 462 Working Holiday Visa is meant for young people from foreign nations wanting to work as well as holiday in Australia. This Australia visa has a validity period of one year.

Immigration Status: How Does Divorce Affect My Status

Is divorce aggravating your PR issues?

Divorce in most cases is an emotionally draining event. However, if you are a Canadian living in a foreign country, the issue becomes complicated if your immigrant status was dependent upon your marriage. You got a green card and started to live in US with your spouse, but got a divorce before becoming a permanent citizen. How does this affect your immigrant status? Many Canadian men and women find themselves in this situation and feel nervous, not knowing how it will affect their immigration status.

Deportation rules address concerns of fraudulent marriages

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada, 16th October: Do you want to know what is a Canada permanent resident visa?

If yes, then here are the details about Canada permanent resident visa and the eligibility factors for getting such a visa.

Canada permanent resident—Before proceeding further, we need to clarify what exactly is meant by Canada permanent resident. Well, any foreigner who has been granted a Canada permanent resident visa by the government of Canada and is staying in Canada but is not having Canada citizenship is a Canada permanent resident.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visas-Last Chance to Apply

Canada, 16th October: Are you an aspirant for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa? If yes, then it is the last chance to apply now for this program.

That’s because Federal Skilled Worker Program will be ending this year.

Apply now for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program—Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is going to end by the end of this year. And hence, all desirous applicants must hurry to apply now before the opportunity becomes elusive.

Easier Australia Jobs Following Proposed Australia Visa Reforms

Australia, 15th October: Getting jobs in Australia would become easier following proposed changes to Australia Subclass 457 visa rules.

A series of changes have been proposed to Australia Subclass 457 Visa rules.

Australia 457 visa rules proposed—Several changes have been proposed to Australia 457 visa rules.

So, as per the proposals, Australia government will be introducing new restrictions for 457 visa system. The details reveal that new relaxed Australia 457 visa rules will become effective soon.

Australia Special Super-Easy Immigration Rules for Chinese Millionaires

Australia, 15th October: Australia is going to introduce Significant Investor Visa program for luring wealthy immigrants.

Australia will introduce new immigration rules for attracting rich Chinese.

Australia Sigificant Investor Visa program for Chinese—Affluent Chinese will now be offered Australia Significant Investor Visas soon. So, Australia is going to boost a visa program for attracting investment from rich Chinese nationals. So, it simply means rich Chinese will be able to come to Australia by getting Australia Singificant Investor Visas.

All about Immigration through Sponsorship

People can live together in Canada with their loved ones in the country by sponsoring them. The process of immigration through sponsorship is explained below.

Canada has one of the most well developed immigration program which helps reunite families. People can live together with their loved ones in the country by sponsoring them. This works when the sponsor basically acts as a guarantor taking charge of the financial needs, honest intentions and hassle free stay of the immigrant he/she is sponsoring.

To immigrate to Canada through this process, the steps given below need to be followed:

Check eligibility

Joint UK-Ireland Visa for Indians, Chinese Visitors

United Kingdom, 12th October: UK and Ireland have announced a joint visa for foreign visitors from India and China.

As per the details, the Republic of Ireland and the UK have recently signed a new MOU(memo of understanding) for sharing exchange and data information.

UK, Ireland to launch Join visa for Indians, Chinese—Chinese and Indians wanting to visit the UK and/or Ireland will soon get the facility of a new joint UK-Ireland visa.

This will be possible through a new memo signed between the UK and Ireland. As per the information, the new memo of understanding will be meant for informing and determining decisions pertaining to immigration.

Immigration Frauds

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 18:32

These days’ fraudulent agents are on a hunt for people desperately wanting to migrate to various countries. People get trapped in the scams played by such agents and end up losing their money and hope. Scammers these days use technology,...

Money Matters

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 17:20

It provides them with the opportunity to give to their community. Lawyers provide a valuable service, and one that not everyone can afford.

In the wake of an economic downturn many people in need of legal expertise are unable to access it due to a lack of finances. Through pro bono work, many individuals in need are able to get access to the justice that's entitled to everyone.

If you're looking for a pro bono lawyer in Canada, there are a few important...

CIC Announcements

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 11:06

With the launch of Express Entry in 2015 January, the country aims to reduce processing and wait time for skilled immigrants. This is also observed as an effort to control any kind of ill practice adopted by the employers. Precisely, the objective is to ensure that a job vacancy is offered to the Canadian employee first and only then it should be forwarded to any immigrant...