UK techs restricted by immigration rules

United Kingdom, 19th September: UK’s tougher immigration rules are proving to be stifling for UK techs.

Yes, that’s quite true. Tougher UK immigration norms are proving to be taxing for London techs.

Tougher UK immigration rules stifle UK techs—UK techs feel UK immigration rules to be an obstacle in attracting the required high-skilled immigrants for fulfilling the vacant UK job positions.

Without the right workers, it is just impossible to expand, quips 38-year-old Efe Cakarel.

Another alternative to UK family migration program

United Kingdom, 19th September: Are you an aspirant for UK immigration under UK family migration program but find the minimum income threshold quite difficult to fulfill?

Well, you will be glad to know that there is another option available for you that can help you to come to the UK. This is known as Surinder Singh route.

Alternative to UK Family Migration Route—There is a good alternative available to UK family migration route. This is called Surinder Singh route. It can be explored for bringing your family to the UK by using your EU member rights.

Cost of re-obtaining US Citizenship gets escalated: Curbing expatriation

Becoming US Citizen all over again gets costlier than before

August of 2014 was the time when US Department of State escalated the processing fee for enunciating citizenship of US.

The rise in the fee

The fee has been raised from US $ 450 to US $ 2,350. When calculated in terms of percentage this would amount to be a rise by almost 500% of the old fee. The Department has started realizing this fee from 12th day of September of 2014.

Experts believe that people who actually evade taxes are quiet capable of paying the right amount of tax without feeling any burden on them.

US catch upon Immigration frauds: A method to control illegal entities

Immigration fraudsters are always under the scanner of US law makers

US will leave no effort to ensure that the Immigration system is followed by immigrants who come here from all parts of the world and those bring them here.

Some efforts
The efforts are made in various directions:
• Borders are being strengthened
• Companies are being scanned to find out if they are hiring undocumented workers.
• Citizenship path is not made easy for the undocumented workers. They are paid to pay taxes, earn fluency in English and meet other criteria to obtain citizenship.
• Legal immigration system of the country is being streamlined.

New Express Entry system: May not sink well with skilled immigrant applicants

The reformed Express Entry System may bring more difficulty for the applicants and even the employers

With the launch of Express Entry in 2015 January, the country aims to reduce processing and wait time for skilled immigrants. This is also observed as an effort to control any kind of ill practice adopted by the employers. Precisely, the objective is to ensure that a job vacancy is offered to the Canadian employee first and only then it should be forwarded to any immigrant.

The shortfalls
The new system may have its own shortfalls which have given a platform to the critics to raise their voice. Some of them are:

Is Temporary Foreign Worker Program losing its sheen?

Number of applications have gone down this year drastically under Temporary Foreign Worker Program

A recent report suggests that the number of applications received under Temporary Foreign Worker Program has gone down by 70% in compared to earlier times. Experts owe it all to the latest changes that have been introduced with an objective.

Jason Kenney, the Employment Minister expresses that the drop could be majorly due to the changes brought in, by the mid of this year.

Aim of bringing reforms

Guide to New visa rules in Asia-Pacific

17th September: There have been a couple of new visa regulations in the region of Asia-Pacific in the period of last month.

All these visa regulations are aimed at boosting tourism, improving foreign investment and streamlining immigration.

Malaysia’s visa reforms—Foreign investors as well as business managers will be granted a special five-year multiple entry Malaysia visas as per the latest changes. This special five-year multiple entry visa scheme is aimed to lure foreign investors from different nations, especially Australia.

This will lead to improved business relationships between Australia and Malaysia.

US Free Trade Agreement options

United States, 17th September: There are various options available under US free trade agreement with different nations the world over.

Let us the details of the free trade agreements with different nations. Foreign nationals from following nations are offered visa choices under US Free Trade agreement with the respective nation.

Australia—Australian nationals or Australian Citizens are allowed for a E-3 work visas enabling them to come to the US for working in certain specified professional occupations.

This is possible due to a special 2005 treaty between the US and Australia. Every year, there are 10,500 E-3 Australian visas are available.

Nearly 115K could lose US healthcare coverage

United States, 17th September: The US has revealed that around 115,000 immigrants in 36 US states might lose their health coverage under US Obamacare after 30th September this year.

The reason being that all such immigrants could not prove their US legal residency or US citizenship. And nearly 363,000 people might witness a change in the insurance costs following problems related to income figures.

Healthcare coverage to be lost for 115,000 immigrants—The US administration has announced that as many as 115,000 people living in around 36 US states are going to lose their private healthcare coverage after 30th September this year.

Singapore work visa changes chaotic

Singapore, 16th September: Singapore has introduced a new work visa process becoming effective from 1st August, 2014.

And its being alleged that the changed Singapore working visa rules are making the life tough for employers wanting to hire foreign workers.

Singapore work visa rules complicating—Singapore’s latest changes to its work visa rules are proving to be taxing for employers seeking foreign workers. Employers feel the latest changed Singapore work visa rules are going to increase skills shortage in the nation.

Immigration Frauds

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These days’ fraudulent agents are on a hunt for people desperately wanting to migrate to various countries. People get trapped in the scams played by such agents and end up losing their money and hope. Scammers these days use technology,...

Money Matters

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 17:20

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In the wake of an economic downturn many people in need of legal expertise are unable to access it due to a lack of finances. Through pro bono work, many individuals in need are able to get access to the justice that's entitled to everyone.

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CIC Announcements

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 11:06

With the launch of Express Entry in 2015 January, the country aims to reduce processing and wait time for skilled immigrants. This is also observed as an effort to control any kind of ill practice adopted by the employers. Precisely, the objective is to ensure that a job vacancy is offered to the Canadian employee first and only then it should be forwarded to any immigrant...