New Zealand announces new guides for immigrants

New Zealand, 20th August: New Zealand has announced new immigration guides for new migrants coming to New Zealand.

As per the information, a new resource ahs been produced for newcomers to New Zealand.

New source for helping New Zealand immigrants—Are you a new immigrant in New Zealand wanting to get some help in this nation? Well, you will be glad to know that the government of New Zealand has announced a new source for helping newcomers to New Zealand.

Turkey announces simpler work permit rules

Turkey, 20th August: New easier Turkey work permit norms have been announced by the government of Turkey.

This is meant for attracting an increased number of foreign workers and foreign investors to Turkey.

Turkey simplifies work permit rules—Turkey work permit rules have become simpler now. This has been announced by Turkey government in a latest development. As per the details, the new simpler Turkey work permit rules are aimed to help get more and more foreign workers to work in Turkey and also to lure more foreign investments into the nation.

Remove citizenship rights to babies born: Recommend Officials

Looking at the number of cases of Birth Tourism, experts strongly suggest a need of change in the policy

Even though a small number of cases have been reported about babies born in Canada becoming citizens of the country by virtue of being born here, Officials strongly recommend the removal of such citizenship.

In a recent development Immigration Officials has completely objected the right of a baby born on Canadian soil to become a citizen even if his or her parents are non-citizens and or non-residents.

Consideration on the law

New US Mobile App for eliminating airport queues

United States, 19th August: The US has announced a new mobile app for cutting long and unending queues at US airports.

Yes, as of now, the new mobile app is being initiated at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

New Mobile app for US citizens—US citizens will be elated to know that waiting at US airports may become a thing of the past now.

How? Well this is going to be possible due to a new mobile app being trialled currently at an Atlanta airport. The new mobile app will be of great benefit to US citizens wanting to travel. They would, no longer, have to keep waiting at US airports.

The well-paid jobs in Canada: Better opportunity for Immigrants

Immigrants can choose a profession that pays well and prepare accordingly before they make applications for coming here.

The unemployment rate in the country has been revolving around less than 10% for more than a year now. Yet, there have been larger opportunities in terms of pay package across very many sectors which have been able to satisfy the local population as well attracted the immigrants.

Best jobs in the country

Physicians holding a specialization make an annual income touching the figure of $154,000 followed by Judges who are paid slightly above $126,000.

Denial of Spouse’s US Green Card

United States, 18th August: Has your spouse who is a non US citizen been denied a US Green Card or US immigrant visa recently?

And you want to know the reason for such denial by the US immigration department? Well, we will explain the whole issue in detail here with regard to denial of US immigrant visa or US Green Card.

US Green Card denial—Denial of a US immigrant visa or a US Green Card to a non-citizen spouse of a US citizen(or a US Permanent Resident) by the US immigration authorities is a matter of serious concern for married partners wanting to reunite in the US and live here.

US Temporary Worker Visas

United States, 18th August: US has a variety of temporary worker visa categories for the facility of foreigners wanting to come to the US and work here for a temporary period of time.

For this, any foreigner needs to get a US immigrant visa or a US non-immigrant visa.

While a US non-immigrant visa is for a temporary period, a US immigrant visa is meant for a permanent US residence. US Temporary work visas allow foreigners to work in the US for a fixed duration and should not be considered as a route for permanent or indefinite stay in the US.

US Visa Refusal-How to overcome

United States, 18th August: Have your US visa application been rejected recently? And do you want to know its reason and the way to overcome the US visa refusal?

Lets know the details of the process in detail here.

US Visa Refusal—What is it?—Well, first of all. We would like to provide information about what exactly is US visa refusal. The latest guidelines issued by the US immigration department maintain that an application for a US visa needs to be rejected or denied in case the concerned applicant is unable to provide sufficient proof of his or her eligibility if the application is not fulfilling the visa category requirements or any other similar aspect of the US visa case.

Canada’s first in the world Start-Up Visa Program to Attract Entrepreneurs

A start-up visa program initiated by Canada will attract more entrepreneurs to the country and fulfill the economic demands and labor needs.

The start-up visa program, started last year in Canada is being given a great push by the Minister of Canada Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander in order to meet the labor demands of the country and also to generate employment.

This initiative is considered the first of its kind in the world as it provides the aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs to create a link with the experienced private sector organisations. It has also managed to bring together angel investor groups and business incubators hence throwing more limelight on this newly introduced program and its benefits.

No US residency proof—No health insurance

United States, 14th August: Do you know that not having US citizenship proof or US legal residency proof could rob you of getting benefit of US taxpayer subsidized health insurance coverage?

The US has warned consumers that any failure to resolve immigration status and citizenship issues will lead to losing tax-payer subsidized US health insurance.

Yes, the US administration seems to sound quite clear. Resolve your immigration/US citizenship status or lose your health insurance, warns the US consumers through its latest announcement.

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Lets together find out the requirements and eligibility criteria for getting Canada citizenship.

Requirements for Canada citizenship—Do you want to know about the requirements to be fulfilled for becoming a Canada citizen?

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