An overview of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program: Learn the advantages

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program reaches out to those who want to live permanently in the province

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is operated jointly by both Government of Alberta and Government of Canada.

According to the changes that are effective from June 5, 2014, this program can issue a maximum of 5,500 certificates of nomination during 2014 alone.

As per reports, half of this number has been issued by May of this year. Once the limit is reached, Alberta would not issue any further certificates until 2015, when the program begins again.

Aim of the program

Will Canada allow you to sponsor your common-law-partner while you have not yet divorced your spouse?

Common-law partner can be sponsored for coming to Canada by a person who is married, provided his marriage is broken or on the legal path of breaking

There is a rare possibility of finding a straight answer to this question because it actually depends on a series of dynamics.

The concern for authorities

The authorities would be more interested to know your current state of life. This means, that your relationship with your current common-law-partner and also with your spouse whom you got married to.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand, 16th July: New Zealand working holiday visas are becoming increasingly popular these days.

So, if you are an aspirant for a New Zealand working holiday visa and want to know about the various rules and requirements for this category of New Zealand visa, then here we will give all the detailed information for you and other aspirants.

New Zealand working holiday visa—New Zealand working holiday visa scheme has become quite popular now days. This becomes evident from the fact that website for New Zealand immigration was paralysed and crashed following a huge rush of applicants for New Zealand working holiday visas.

New Zealand’s priority likely for migrants with higher English language skills

New Zealand, 16th July: New Zealand is planning to offer higher priority to migrants with higher English skills.

This is being stated following a recent global review of the migration policy of New Zealand.

OECD stresses priority to migrants with higher English level skills—Are you an aspirant of New Zealand immigration and have higher-level of English language skills? Well, you may be a perfect bet for New Zealand immigration.

That’s because a recent review by OECD(Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has suggested giving preference to those with higher levels of English language skills.

Canada gets prepared for launching Express Entry program: Would it benefit the stakeholders?

Express Entry program relaunch is awaited by Employers and Immigrant workers

In a recent statement, Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander had said, “The economic immigration system is reformed to make it faster, fairer and flexible.”

The Minister also said that Express entry would make an effort to connect employers with those immigrants willing to become permanent residents. Employers can bring skilled immigrants as permanent residents faster than they ever could.

No valid reason to travel? No visa

United States, 15th July: Are you desirous of getting a US visa or visa to any other nation but donot have any valid reason for travelling to the nation?

Then, its quite possible that you are not going to get a visa granted from the immigration officials.

No valid reason for travelling means no visa—For all aspirants of getting US visas or Canada visas, it is quite mandatory to have a valid reason for travelling. Also, you must have sufficient finances for supporting your stay overseas.

UK upholds tougher Income-linked immigration ruling for foreign spouses

United Kingdom, 15th July: The UK Court has reportedly given a green signal to the ruling of minimum income threshold for UK citizens wanting to bring their foreign spouses to the UK.

As per the details, the new minimum income threshold ruling will be 18,600 UK pounds for UK citizens desirous of bringing their foreign spouses here.

UK announces new stringent income threshold for bringing foreign spouses--There are concerns that the latest tougher stance by the UK government will have a significant impact on a large number of Indians wanting to bring in their foreign spouses to live with them in the UK.

Clampdown on UK Entrepreneur Visas

United Kingdom, 14th July: The UK government has recently announced its plans to introduce new restrictions on UK entrepreneur visas.

As per the available information, the UK has tightened its noose over the UK entrepreneur visa process following alleged misuse of the immigration stream.

Tougher UK entpreneur visa norms—Get ready to face new tougher restrictions for getting a UK entrepreneur visas soon. Yes, as per the UK government proposals, new strict UK entrepreneur visa rules will come into effect to help cut misuse of the immigration stream.

Canada toughens noose of foreign spouses sponsorship

Canada, 14th July: Foreign spouses in Canada are facing sponsorship backlog following Canada’s decision to double the immigration processing time for foreign spouses’ applicants staying in Canada.

In addition, it is also being alleged that Canada might end the facility of inland sponsorships.

Canada sponsorship backlogs for foreign spouses—Foreign spouses seem to be in a big dilemma. The reason being that Canada has recently increased the immigration application processing time for foreign spouses living in Canada.

Impact Evaluation of changes in Specialized Knowledge Work Permit Category

Toughening the process of intra company transfers has created a challenging situation for many employers and applicants

Ever since changes have been introduced in the category of Specialized Knowledge Work permit, Immigration experts are busy evaluating the impact of the same. The belief is that Intra company transfers (ICTs) are not going to remain a cakewalk any more.

Changes in brief
• A proof of qualifying relationship between Canadian and foreign employer should be submitted, in case any employer wants to apply for a work permit for intra company transfer stream.

Immigration Frauds

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 11:12

Claudia Arreola, 35, of El Monte, owner of Los Angeles- based California Immigration Services and her employee, Leticia Gutierezz, 35 of Pico Rivera were taken into custody on Thursday for allegedly filing fraudulent green card applications on...

Money Matters

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 17:20

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CIC Announcements

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 10:41

In a recent statement, Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander had said, “The economic immigration system is reformed to make it faster, fairer and flexible.”

The Minister also said that Express entry would make an effort to connect employers with those immigrants willing to become permanent residents. Employers can bring skilled immigrants as permanent...