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This statement describes what you can expect from us regarding personal data on, and your associated rights and responsibilities. This statement is a part of the CanadaUpdates user agreement but trumps any conflicts with the agreement. This statement does not address anyone else’s practices or our practices beyond the site.

Cookies, IP Addresses and URLs.
Cookies are data snippets that websites store on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies to analyze site use, target ads, store your preferences/passwords (if you’ve registered) and personalize your experience (including tracking your site use to do so). You can configure most web browsers to reject cookies or notify you when cookies are placed. If you’re not registered, rejecting cookies won’t noticeably affect your experience on You must accept cookies to access as a registered user.

Your access provider assigns an IP address to your computer when you use the Internet. We log each IP address that accesses the site, along with referring/destination URLs. We use this data, as well as other data in our databases, to analyze site and user behavior, troubleshoot technical problems, resolve disputes, address complaints and prepare aggregated reports that we share with others.

Email-Only Registration.
You may subscribe to emails or newsletters by providing only your email address and password, which we use to create a username and account for you. For privacy purposes, an email-only account acts like a registered account. However, you cannot use some site functionality until you complete your registration.

Registration/Member Data.
When you register, you provide us with some personal data (including your email address). You can also tell us more about yourself through your account pages or through site features such as Wish Lists. Occasionally, a co-brand partner may provide us with data about you. We use registration and member data for many purposes, including to target ads to you and to email you (including newsletters and alerts). In most cases, you can configure your account to turn these emails on and off. However, some administrative emails (such as emails about user agreement changes or communications) are not optional while you have an account. When you register, we will automatically enroll you in the Smart Shopper Club. Administration of this program may require that we share some of your personal data with one or more of our partners. Usually these partners sign a standard confidentiality agreement. Through your account page, you can choose to publicly display (or hide) some data about yourself (including your photo).

If you register through a co-branded site, in some cases we provide your registration data to the co-brand partner. In these cases, the partner’s use of registration data is governed by their privacy policies, not ours. You may have opportunities to express interest in or register for third parties products and services. If you do, we will provide data about you to the third party to implement your request.

Email Tools.
If you send emails through our site, your email will include your email address and any personal message you include. However, these emails aren’t private communications. We do not retain, in any easily-retrievable way, the addresses you are emailing. You may not use these tools to send spam or content that violates the user agreement.

We may ask for your feedback through a survey, which we treat like other business records.

Other Data Collection.
We may get data from or about you in other ways not specifically described in this statement. For example, you might contact Community Care, or we may get a third party complaint about you. We handle this data like other business records. However, if we tell you elsewhere that specific data is governed by rules that supplement or contradict this statement, those rules trump this statement.

Data Changes.
If you terminate your account or delete/change your data or content, we usually update our live databases immediately. To do this, please edit your Member Profile. However, some data may update more slowly, and some old data may remain in our archives and records. Also, we may be unable to propagate changes to partners who receive your data or content. If your account is being terminated or suspended, we may maintain some data to prevent re-registration.

Government Relations and Lawsuits.
We may disclose data about you to the government if we are required to do so or if we think the disclosure is appropriate, and you authorize these disclosures. We may also disclose data about you in connection with actual or potential lawsuits (a) if we are required to do so, (b) if such disclosures may potentially mitigate our liability, or (c) to enforce our rights.

Communicating with Other Users.
You may not harvest personal data (including email addresses) from the site, and specifically you may not use email addresses displayed on the site to ask users to join or contribute to your services.

Limits on Our Abilities.
Our site is very complicated, so we might inadvertently use or disclose your data in ways inconsistent with this statement. For example, a temporary software glitch could lead to public display of your personal data despite your preferences otherwise. We might also make ad hoc uses of your data in ways not mentioned here. In these anomalous situations, your sole remedy is that we will try to rectify the anomaly as soon as we can.

We use industry-standard security protocols, such as (if and where appropriate) firewalls and restrictions on which employees can access user data. However, perfect security does not exist on the Internet. Also, in theory third parties can intercept Internet transmissions containing your personal data, and we don’t control the privacy/security of transmissions to and from the site while in transit.

Notification of Changes
This policy may be revised over time as new features are added to the Web site. We will post our new privacy policy, along with the date of its last revision, prominently so that you will always know what information we gather, how we use that information, and whether we will disclose it to anyone. Please check this Web page for information about revisions to our privacy policy. If you would like to receive e-mail notification of any such changes, please contact us at [[email protected]] requesting the same.