United Kingdom, 7th April: The UK has begun new health surcharge for all non-EU visa applicants wishing to stay in the UK for a period extending 6 months. The new UK health surcharge has become effective from 6th April, 2015. UK Health Surcharge for 6-month UK stay—Are you desirous of […]

Australia, 30th August: Australia PM Tony Abbott has ruled out any Australia visa random checks on foreigners. He also clarified that he had no prior knowledge about such visa checks done by the police. No random Australia visa checks—The government of Australia had denied to carry out any Australia visa […]

Since the introduction of the new Express Entry program where candidates are ranked against each other based on certain criteria under the Comprehensive Ranking System in which having a job offer is very important, there is one question in the minds of many aspiring immigrants – is it possible to […]

In today’s society, a person discriminates someone just because they look different. They are quick to judge based on the narrow minded concepts that are fed into their minds. Every single day people are discriminated by the color of their skin. But, as the popular saying goes, you shouldn’t judge […]