This has been revealed by Canada immigration department CIC-Citizenship and Immigration Canada. New Canada immigration norms for dependent children—Dependent children wanting to immigrate to Canada will be subject to new rules soon. This was revealed by Canada government in a latest announcement. Canada will have new rules for dependent children […]

However, the only group missing the jobs recovery seems to be the group of new immigrants in Canada. Jobless rate for new immigrants in Canada declining slowly–The jobless rate for Canada-born people went down from 6.7 percent to 6.2 percent in the period of one year, the figures revealed by […]

Aptly named ‘Welcome to Canada’, this initiative by Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) is going to be a valuable step for newcomers to Canada. ‘Welcome to Canada’ guide—Canada government will unleash the new guide for Canadian immigrants today. This new guide will feature seveal things that are of significance for newcomers. […]

Canada, 14th February: Are you an aspirant for immigrating overseas and thinking of hiring an immigrant consultant for the same? An important worth mentionable is that it is not necessary to hire the services of an immigrant consultant for immigration. However, if you still want to hire an immigration consultant, […]

This has been revealed by the latest official figures released by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Record increase in Australia population—Immigration played a significant role in driving Australian population to highest figures since the year 2009. The ABS maintains that in the March quarter, number of immigrants coming to […]

Canada government has concerns that many foreign students coming to Canada on Canada student visas are using the route as a ticket to gain access to Canada employment. Canada to act tough on fake international students—As per the proposals published in Canada Gazette, the government has reaffirmed its stand to […]

And the wages received by these foreign workers in Western Australia are almost half of what their Australian counterparts receive, the reports suggest. Workers underpaid—As per the information available, nearly 250 to 300 Chinese miners have been underpaid. Foreign miners from China employed on Sino Iron project in Western Australia, […]

So, finally, the Punjab government is waking up to the growing incidents of illegal immigration of Punjabi youth to Western countries in the recent past. All such illegal migrants hailing from Punjab (a state in India) have been found to be in deep troubles after immigration into countries like the […]

The common fear among Canadians is that such rules, if implemented by Canada immigration department CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) will result in higher scrutiny of arranged marriages. Despite repeated assurances by the Canadian government officials that such rules will be meant to crackdown on those migrants who use marriages […]