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A Guide for Seasonal Job Seekers in Canada

Seasonal Jobs Scam

For all you people out there, who are looking for seasonal jobs, this article will answer all your queries. For jobs of seasonal nature, it sometimes gets hard to fathom the difference between a good and a bad employer. These days SCAMS are at a very high rate and you would want to keep yourself safe while searching for jobs. 

Seasonal Jobs Scam
A Guide for Seasonal Job Seekers in Canada

Finding the Right Legitimate Seasonal Job

Seasonal jobs are of great advantage as they help you in relieving from the never-ending financial pressure. In today’s times, holidays, shopping, events, etc. are very expensive and seasonal jobs to help you in earning that extra money to lead your life luxuriously. But, at the same time, it is easy for the scammers to fool you and take advantage of your vulnerability. 

Hunting for a seasonal job is never a cakewalk and with time-bound pressures, it gets more challenging to find the best one in the shortest time. People are bound to make careless decisions and trap themselves with wrong employers. This review will help you understand the difference between genuine and ingenuine employers. 

Beware of the Trap!

A Guide for Seasonal Job Seekers in Canada
A Guide for Seasonal Job Seekers in Canada

Here, we will throw some light on the protocol of the scammers which they use to fool prospective employees seeking seasonal jobs. The web is filled with several jobs where you can apply directly or can get an email from the ”employer” for a particular job position. 

  1. Scam Emails for Job and Immigration

The email or the job posting will seem real because they make use of real government agencies and companies. Once you click YES, you will be prompted to give your personal details and pay some training fee. Please, do not give your banking information when prompted as it is an important RED FLAG to look for.

  1. Avoid Immediate Offers of Visa or Immigration from Unknown Sources

If you find being offered an on-the-spot offer, then don’t get into the trap. A legitimate employer will always want to talk to the prospect before finally offering a job. If you are selected without an interview or a personal meeting, then it is surely a scam. 

3. More money for less work

This is a big catch when you see someone offering you more money than the job is truly worth of. There is no one who will give you extra money than the job demands. 

4. Impersonation- Offering Dream Job while you sit at Home

It is a very common trap where scammers will replicate the websites to look legit. So, do not just click on any link, instead go to the website and check for that job opening. Be sure of the job before you apply for it.

5. Avoid Hurrying in Accepting Dream Offers for Immigration

Always take your time before investing or applying to a job. If you are pressurized to join immediately, then be careful it might be a hoax. 

How to be Safe?

  1. Proper Research

Keep your research extensive and review about the company/employer before applying. Make sure you know about the company well in advance.

2. Don’t Be Blind

Do not let the red flags go past while applying online. Make sure you are aware of them and do not make any decisions in haste, even if the employer is paying more than other employers.


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