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Important tips to clear the Telephone Job Interview in Canada

Have you applied for jobs in Canada? Are you expecting interview calls already? The chances are high that your first round of interviews could be a telephonic round. It’s important to prepare yourself for a phone interview, just like how you would be ready to crack down an in-person interview because, in most cases, it could be a ticket to your dream job.

Important tips to clear the Telephone Job Interview in Canada
Important tips to clear the Telephone Job Interview in Canada

There are significant differences between a direct interview and a phone interview in Canada, especially in terms of communication. While in an in-person interview, the soft skills play a significant role, in the telephone interviews are heavily dependent on the words, voice, and tone. Some employers conduct skype interviews for the candidates outside the country, which may allow you to use your soft skills; however, not all the phone interviews are Skype-based and could be merely voice-based.

A potential employer can call you anytime without a prior intimation. Therefore, having an idea of the possible interview questions can help you nail it with confidence.

Let’s discuss some of the essential tips that could help you clear the telephone interview in Canada.

tips to clear the Telephone Interview in Canada

  1. Practice in advance for Canadian Job Interview Questions :

Being prepared can boost-up your confidence to a great extent. Practice beforehand how should you greet the interviewer and how should be your tone and the voice. Either practicing in front of a mirror or asking your friend for a role-paly is ideal. Make a list of the possible questions and practice answering them with confidence.

  1. Listen carefully:

One of the essential requirements to clear a telephone interview is good listening skills. Listen to the interviewer carefully and do not interrupt before he or she completes the sentence. Always make a polite request to repeat, in case if you missed any lines from the interviewer. Do not keep the interviewer on a long wait while answering the questions, but you can take a small pause to gather thoughts.

  1. Keep your documents ready in front of you:

Keep all your documents, including the certificates, experience letters, and other relevant documents near you. The interviewer may ask you questions about your past experiences or projects to verify your resume. Also, have a pen and paper in front of you; you may want to take some notes for future references.

  1. Do research on the Canadian company and the job profile:

If you seem to be disinterested in the job or the company, the interviewer may reject you. Doing prior research on the company and the post can help you prove that you are excited about working in that company.

  1. Have a positive attitude while Job Interview for Jobs in Canada:

Be smiling and pleasant while answering the interview call because it can be felt through your voice and can make you sound positive. Dressing-up professionally can ensure you are in the right mind-set and not relaxed. Avoid eating or drinking while you are on the call. Also, do not type or do any other work on your laptop because it may take your attention away from the interviewer.

  1. Ensure the environment is quiet and comfortable:

Keeping your environment silent, noise-free, and comfortable can help you answer the phone interview without any disturbance. If there is an interruption in the background, the interviewer may feel irritated. Also, you may feel distracted and may fail to clear the interview.

  1. Be a pro in ending the Job Interview call:

Before putting the call down, thank the interviewer for the time and request for his/her email so that you can send a thank-you note and also do a follow-up. It would also communicate to the interviewer that you are interested in the job. However, ensure that you do not sound desperate for the opportunity.


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