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Are Immigrants truly welcome to Canada?

Most political observers in Canada, in the months leading up to the federal election, felt immigration issues would be central in the campaign. There was some truth in their anticipation, but the result of the problems or their role in the country is somewhat askew.

Are Immigrants truly welcome?
Are Immigrants truly welcome?

Speculation on immigration to Canada

The Conservative opposition spent countless hours pounding the Liberal government between 2017 and 2019 to deal with a spike of asylum seekers arriving in Canada, mostly at a specific point on Quebec’s southern border.

On their part, the Liberals seemed to emphasize Canada’s willingness to immigrants and refugees— something that Justin Trudeau has highlighted in his party’s commitment to welcome more refugees since the 2015 election from war-torn Syria.

Canada’s major political parties have a broad consensus that immigration is vital to the continuing economic and social well-being of the country. But there are substantial differences in terminology and strategy between the Liberals and the Conservatives— the two parties with the most pragmatic ability to lead.

Effect of immigration

The Star looks forward to what this coalition will mean for Canada’s immigration laws — and for those who aspire to reach Canada’s shores. A Liberal majority will reflect the least change from the current levels of immigration in Canada. The Liberals have continued to increase their anticipated levels of immigration following assuming office in 2015 and would intend to do so if re-elected. Canada will aim to increase the number of refugees from 330,800 in 2019 to 350,000 in 2021, in compliance with the federal government’s immigration rate plan. Most of these, about 60%, come through Canada’s immigration economic stream— qualified workers to fill the economy’s needs.

The Liberal Party promises it will implement “modest and sustainable” immigration changes, focusing on hiring “highly skilled workers.” A Liberal government would develop a municipal nominee program that allows local people to explicitly accept new entrants or make a special program official for Atlantic Canada immigration. For each project, a total of 5,000 spaces would be reserved. The Liberals say that they would also waive permanent residents ‘ residency charges.

The number of immigrants allowed into Canada varies from year to year, during the scattered Canada-U.S. migration. Border — where refugees entered are accepted entry ports in hopes of acquiring refugee status — deteriorated compared to previous years in 2019.

Role of immigrants in Canada

Both sides recognize the importance of immigrants to the economy of Canada at a time when the population of the country is aging and worries about shortages of labor. All three sides seek improvements to the Secure Third Country Treaty between Canada and the United States— though in somewhat different ways.



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