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Immigration Service Frauds Increase in Southampton

Southampton has seen an increase in the number of immigration service frauds and some of the frauds that are quite common are schemes to defraud, grand larceny, and immigration assistance service fraud. 

Immigration Service Frauds
Immigration Service Frauds Increase in Southampton

In the immigration service fraud, many people who seek help regarding immigration services become victims. They are charged governmental fees that do not exist and once the payment is done, they do not receive any legal services as promised. According to sources who work with Immigrant services have stated that such crimes are quite common. 

For instance, the Southampton Town Police detectives conducted an eight-month-long investigation to finally nab Sanchez-Dios, of Southampton on fraud charges earlier this month. Ms. Sanchez-Dios had been involved in a scheme that defrauds Latinos who need help related to immigration services.

Most of the people who become victims of such schemes are those who have limited or no access to law enforcement. Many times people opt for such services as the service rates might appear to be cheaper. Also, people who fear law enforcement fall prey to such fraudulent schemes. 

How to stay alert and avoid being victimized for Immigration Service Frauds

Immigration Service Frauds 

A lot of organizations and websites offer immigration services as well as citizenship services. A few promote legal services that would require a payment. Many others offer false guarantees and might even end up stealing your personal data. you can identify a scam in case the website/organization offers deals, charges governmental fees that are non-existent, provides free forms, and if it does not have the official URL of the Government. Also, in case you are asked for financial details or payment of a deposit even before the process is initiated, you must realize that this is a scam. Many times you cannot contact any person who is listed on the website. 

In order to avoid becoming a victim of such scams, one must be cautious and alert. Always ensure you do a background check on the organization/website and try contacting the owner of the site via call or emails. You must keep your browser up-to-date. Also, check if anyone has indicated problems related to the particular site.

Avoid accessing emails from strangers where websites are advertised, unless you enquired with them regarding the website. Also, make sure you never let out your personal details unless you are aware of the firm you deal with. Whenever you pay for any service, you must understand clearly the services that will be offered to you, prior to paying any money or signing any document.  Make sure you go through all the terms, conditions, disclaimers, etc. 

Always remember that a major flag would be is when cash is involved, be it rent, legal fees or anything. It is a sign of a possible scam!


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