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Top Five Jobs in Canada for an Educated Indian Senior Citizen

In Canada, a major part of its workforce is reaching its retirement age, the job scenario is changing!. However, most of the retirees are getting back to work, for various reasons being financial or just the need to feel useful. Though most of the companies do not wish to invest in training senior staff/workers, getting retirees is a win-win situation because of the work experience they come with.

Most of the retirees find that retirement is expensive and their pension or savings are not sufficient enough for them to travel or get involved in various activities. So, in case you have good health, and do not want to waste your time for various reasons, you could start your own business!

Top Five Jobs in Canada for an Educated Indian Senior Citizen
Top Five Jobs in Canada for an Educated Indian Senior Citizen

In case that is not your choice, we have listed the top five jobs that are best suited for retirees that will supplement your pension and other income. They are:

  1. Research Assistant

Getting a job as a research assistant in your retirement offers you the chance to make use of the knowledge and insight that you have gained from working in a specific field for years. It also gives you the opportunity to learn new things. This is definitely a job worth considering. The average salary in Canada is about $18.70 per hour.


This job lets you remain in the specific career that you have worked for years, and lets you pass on your knowledge minus the stress involved in the job that you used to do. There are a lot of opportunities for mentoring, as the younger generation and new workers would need training in these areas, and the best training is provided by those with experience! The average hourly salary in Canada is about $16.25.

  1. Tutor

If you are a person with teaching experience and have the desire to assist and students in becoming successful, you can become a tutor! Once you have retired from teaching, you can set up your own business of tutoring. You could teach various subjects of School or University like English, Mathematics, Music, Art, physics, chemistry, etc.  In case you are not very comfortable traveling to their home or having students at your home, you can even opt for online tutoring. On average, in Canada, tutors earn about $23 an hour. You could also teach specific languages like German, French, English, Hindi, etc.


  1. Top Five Jobs in Canada for an Educated Indian Senior Citizen
    Top Five Jobs in Canada for an Educated Indian Senior Citizen

    Your love for children can be converted into a business opportunity! This job might not be a well-paying one, but gives you a good retirement income, and is rewarding on the personal front as well. A background in childcare or primary education along with training in first aid or CPR will be an advantage. Also, a few mandatory requirements are references as well as a criminal record check. On an average, this would help you earn about $12 an hour.

  1. Art and Craft

If you possess skills in art, and you love to paint, stitch, create pots and ceramics, or work with wood, or any other kind of artwork you can convert it into a business. For instance, you could create some paintings or pottery or ceramic bowls and sell them at a fair or any farmer’s market. You can also conduct workshops and earn an income from it. You can also sell your products online via Etsy and many other online stores. 

Some of these jobs might pay you well, whereas though a few others might not be well-paying jobs, they will be personally rewarding and keep you active. The best part about some of these activities is that you need not venture out! You can use your skills and set up a business from your home and earn additional income! All you need is motivation and creativity to make the best use of your abilities.


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