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A Few Reasons to Consult with an Attorney Before You Decide on a Divorce

If you have been thinking about getting a divorce but are not sure whether it is the best thing to do, one of the smartest actions you can take is to consult with one of the best divorce attorneys in Austin. Just because you speak to an attorney in no way are you making a decision to get a divorce. What an attorney can do for you is help you understand the legal ramifications of a divorce. Naturally, an attorney can’t address other issues concerning your marriage, but he or she can explain what you can expect as you go through a divorce, as well as the financial consequences and the implications to any children that you have. The following are a few areas that an attorney can help you with.

You can learn about the financial aspects

Many people go head first into a divorce without understanding the financial affects after a divorce. There are many people who wished they would have known more about the financial aftermath of a divorce before they decided to file for one. This is not to say that understanding these effects will change your mind about a divorce, but you need to understand everything that may, or will, happen because of a divorce. Generally speaking, there is a lower standard of living for both spouses in a divorce. You will, however, get an idea of how assets are split in the state you are living in. If you are planning on receiving alimony, you can get information on the chances of receiving it, as well as how much. Many states have been phasing out alimony payments or at least limiting the time frame for how long you can receive them.

A Few Reasons to Consult with an Attorney Before You Decide on a Divorce

You can learn about custody issues

If you have children, this can be a big issue. Too often parents have expectations of child custody that are outside the norm of what most couples end up with after their custodial agreement has been signed. Although it is true that no attorney can give specifics on what the outcome will be for your situation, they do have a idea of what is typical for most custodial arrangements after a divorce. Your circumstances may be very different, perhaps even unique but not likely. After understanding what is a likely outcome, you may want to stay in your marriage, if only for the sake of spending more time with your children.

You don’t want to rush into a divorce, no more than you want to rush into a marriage. Although a marriage counselor can often save a marriage, so too can a divorce attorney. Put your emotions on hold and seek the advice of an attorney. One example in the Austin area is Noelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, LLP. You can speak to one without making any commitments towards filing for divorce, but your legal questions about divorce can be answered.


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