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Germany: Popular Scholarships for International Students

Have you always been interested in carrying on with your studies? Are you running tight on your budget to pursue higher studies? If the answer to such a question is yes, then it is high time that you consider Germany as your destination. The best part is that there is no need to pay tuition if you are international undergraduate students. But you will have to pay for boarding and room.

You will be happy to know that there are several affordable graduate-level programs in Germany. Also, you can try and make the most out of the various scholarships and grants. Read the article to know more about accessible scholarships and stipends.

  • Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) Scholarship 

The DAAD offers this particular scholarship. All the international students from developing as well as newly-industrialized countries are eligible for this program. It gives the perfect opportunity to trained local experts (in collaboration with the international partners) to contribute to the sustainable development of the country. It allows the recipients to undertake a Master’s degree or postgraduate program at a state or state-recognized or state German university. The applicants need to fulfill the essential academic requirement.

The qualified students will be funded for a research visit at a state-recognized or regular German university.

  • Deutschland Stipendium

Most of the prestigious German higher education institutions indulge in the Deutschland Stipendium. According to this program, high achieving students from different countries will be getting scholarships. All those students who qualify for this scholarship will be granted 300 Euros every month. The universities offer it, and the applicants must meet the specific requirements of the institutions. Some of the other criteria’s to be considered are a social commitment, personal achievements, and much more. 

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarship 

It offers yearly scholarships for graduate-level programs and aims to support young talent sharing the same political values. It is a step to motivate all those who have a positive attitude towards the Green Project goals and also believe in the Heinrich Böll Foundation that comprises of ecology, democracy, solidarity, and non-violence. It is essential to prove your proficiency in the German language to apply for this scholarship. 

Qualified students will be receiving a 300 Euros grant every month. The private sponsors offer half of these.


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