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Things to Expect for UK Migration in the Year of 2019

When it comes to migration in the UK in 2019, people may have to face a few complications due to some reasons. Those reasons shall be discussed below. Generally, migration to UK for studying and employment purposes is not a complex thing. However, after Brexit things have changed a little. The migration process can be complicated, at least for the people who want to migrate to UK from EU countries.


In the migration process to UK, Brexit is an important issue these days. The issue may be settled a little in upcoming days, especially on the upcoming 29th March 2019. The present draft Withdrawal Agreement is between the UK and EU. However, on the 29th March UK will leave EU. But, it is to be noted that free movement laws of EU will not be discontinued at the beginning. These laws are scheduled to be continued till 31st December 2020. Thereafter, new laws will replace the free movement laws of EU. So, there are clouds of uncertainty on the migration process, though right now there will be minimal impact of Brexit.

According to the policy of UK, the present EU citizens who are residing in UK along with their family till 29th March 2019 will be able to continue living in the UK with their family members. It is anticipated that there will not be any changes in terms for these people. The same thing is applicable to the citizens who migrated to UK from Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. Those, who come to the UK after 29th March but also before the end of the EU free movement policy, will have the rights to apply for citizenship in UK under the Settlement Scheme of EU.

If individuals from these countries arrive to UK after the end of the EU free movement policy, they would obviously not be eligible to apply under the settlement scheme of EU. They can stay in the UK for 3 months without applying for a visa. However, if they wish to stay longer, they definitely need to apply for the visa.

Tier 1 UK Visa Category

In this category of the visa for UK citizenship, a lot of changes can be anticipated after the year 2020. Right now, in the short term, there would not be a lot of changes. The Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa will be replaced with “Innovator Visa” in the future. Similarly, the Tier-1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa will be replaced with “Start-up Visa”. Additionally, the Tier – 1 Investor category of the visa will also be reformed.

Tier 2 UK Sponsored Migration

As per reports, a detailed report will be submitted by the Migration Advisory Committee by the end of the year of 2019. This report will elaborate on the possible short in occupation in the UK. The jobs where it is difficult to recruit the present citizens of the country will be considered to be given to the competent migrants. Tier 2 of the UK Visa is also likely to undergo a lot of reforms.

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