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How can you improve the comprehensive ranking system score in the year 2019?

Canada beckons skilled workers from all across the globe via multiple skilled economic immigration programs. This helps the Canadian enterprises to meet there labor demands for skilled and capable individuals as well as fill the gap for skilled labor. Some of the important immigration programs through which the immigrants can apply for permanent residentship in Canada are Family Sponsorship Program, Express Entry Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nomination Program.

How can you improve the comprehensive ranking system score in the year 2019?
How can you improve the comprehensive ranking system score in the year 2019?

The express entry program is known for being a point-based program which manages the candidates’ profiles who have applied through the skilled economic immigration program, Federal skilled trades program, Federal skilled worker program and Canadian experience class. The candidate profiles are pooled together in the express entry with the help of the ranking system. The CRS or comprehensive ranking system ranks the candidate’s profile in the express pool in accordance with the comprehensive ranking system points which are awarded to them on the basis of the express profile. The comprehensive ranking system points are awarded to the applicants on the basis of factors like language proficiency, age, work experience, and educational qualifications.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada conduct express draws at regular interval of time to issue Invitation To Apply to the deserving candidates who meet the comprehensive ranking system cut-off points. There are specific cut-off points set for each of the express draws. The comprehensive ranking system cut-off is set at 438 in the latest draw. This means that the capable candidates who score the minimum point of 438 and have applied through the express entry program will be issued the Invitation To Apply. Once the candidates get the ITAs, they need to submit the application within the next 90 days along with a proper set of documents to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Siblings residing in Canada- You can score higher points and get ITA fast to Immigrate to Canada

If you are an applicant who is applying for the permanent residentship Visa and siblings like sister or brother residing in Canada with permanent residence or your common-law partner have siblings with permanent residency in Canada, you can get 15 more comprehensive ranking points by proving your relationship with them.

Educational qualification Credential Assessment- Vital to get ITA faster in Express Entry System

Skilled immigrants applying for the permanent residence under the federal skilled worker program are required to submit the educational credential assessment that shows their foreign education is similar to the Canadian educational system. But if immigrants applied under the federal skilled trades program as well as the Canadian experience class, they do not require submitting the educational credential assessment. This means that candidates cannot avail the 200 comprehensive ranking system points which are awarded. If they can submit the educational credential assessment, education can help them to gain 150 comprehensive ranking system points. Combining this with the Canadian work experience or language ability can further fetch 50 comprehensive ranking system points.

Work experience -Helps in getting higher CRS and get Immigration Invitation faster Under Express Entry System

Extra CRS points can be gained by applicants by including work experience in the express profile. If candidates have specific work experience in any of the occupation that is usually categorized under the NOC skill level A, 0 or B, it can result in awarding points to their profiles. Usually, these points are awarded for equivalent part-time or complete full-time work experience.

Candidates applying under the federal skilled worker class require possessing a minimum one year of skilled and continuous work experience in order to be considered under the express entry program.

Language proficiency- Helps a lot in getting ITA faster, Rank higher in Comprehensive Raking Score for Immigrating to Canada

Candidates actually need to prove their language efficiency to shift to Canada via immigration program. The Canadian language benchmark level is used by Canada authority’s to check the language proficiency of the applicants; it usually ranges from level 4 – level 10.

The international English language testing system needs to be undergone by the candidates, which actually comprises of four categories – writing, reading, listening and speaking. Comprehensive ranking system points are awarded to candidates on the basis of individual category. The maximum number of points for language proficiency allocated to a single candidate is 260. This is allocated to candidates for achieving maximum language proficiency level – Canadian language benchmark level 10. Candidates can work to improve their international English language testing system score in order to gain more comprehensive ranking system points.

In the case of French language, the candidate needs to undertake the Test d’evaluation du francais. The French language can be taken as the second official language. This test helps to prove the language proficiency of the applicant. Since June 2017, candidates can achieve 24 more points for official language and 30 more comprehensive ranking system points if they can obtain Canadian language benchmark level 7.

Provincial nomination program – PNP

Territories and province in Canada conduct immigration programs that allow them to nominate capable and skilled immigrants for the permanent residentship in the province. Each of the provincial nomination programs has a specific stream that is linked directly with the express entry program, allowing the candidates of express entry to apply for the provincial nomination. Once the provincial nomination is gained by the candidate, 600 comprehensive ranking system points are directly awarded to them. These points are more than enough to land the Invitation To Apply in order to apply for the permanent residence visa to the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Job offer letter- Works Wonder in immigrating under Express Entry System

As a candidate, if you can manage to get a job from an employer in Canada before landing in the country, it can help you to gain 50 comprehensive ranking system points. Earlier it used to be 200 CRS points, but the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have presently reduced it to 50 points.

Common law or spouse factor- Again helps a lot for Immigration under Express Entry System

If you are moving to Canada with your better half or common-law partner, you are eligible to get extra points for your qualifications.

The language ability of your spouse can help you to get 20 comprehensive ranking system points. Again, the Canadian work experience and education level of the common law partner can award the candidate with 10 more CRS points.

If the common-law partner gets higher comprehensive ranking system points in comparison to the applicant, then the candidate can easily select them for the primary applicant in the permanent residence application. This change is possible only before the application is submitted.


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