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Steps to Help an Immigrant Get a Job in Canada

The decision to migrate to a new land, away from the comfort zone and away from family and friends itself is a big decision. Whether you are a bachelor or one with a family to take care of, the first thing when on your mind regarding migration would be “Will I get a job? Will I be able to support myself or my family if I do not find a job in time?”  Pessimism and the concern on security start creeping into the mind which makes the process quite stressful but nothing to worry as we explain below the Steps to Help an Immigrant Get a Job in Canada.

Canada being a huge country with Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia being the business hubs, there are plenty of jobs available and it just keeps increasing every single year.

get job first then immigrate to canada
Steps to Help an Immigrant Get a Job in Canada

Immigrants must remember that simply sending a general resume to various companies or employment websites might not work, as the job search process has evolved with time.

Steps to Help an Immigrant Get a Job in Canada

  1. Get your research started- research on the Canadian government websites, company websites and look out for the various openings and their requirements.
  2. Once your research is in place, start applying for the jobs online.
  3. Make sure you have all the necessary information about the company and the positions.
  4. Customization is the key – your resume must be customized as per the job description.
  5. Get your hands on three important contacts – The Hiring managers, the recruiting managers, and senior managers and get their contact data.
  6. Research about these managers and make use of a hook in your cover letter.
  7. Each person must be provided a cover letter which has been personalized specifically for that person.
  8. You can then email mail each of them directly
  9. Post this send your resume and customized letter to them by using Canada Post.
  10. You can also call them up, if necessary.

Also, you can go ahead with informational interviews, attend events in the community, get to know people as this might give you some leads on job openings or even references! As a candidate, you must remember that generic resumes will not be enough to get you a job. Also remember that Canadian hiring executives are quite conservative, as the full-time employees in Canada are very well protected by law. This is a good aspect for those already employed, but might be hard on those on the job hunt.

You must remember to dedicate your time and effort in the job hunt process as you would do with your job. Get your spirits up and do not lose hope. Make use of technology to create some amazing resumes online with some exclusive cover letters and ensure your resume is customized to the job description and your efforts will not go in vain!


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