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Undocumented Migrants Housed in El Paso: An Insight

There has been a huge influx of undocumented migrants crossing the border in El Paso Sector of the U.S. To take care of the current situation a temporary camp has been constructed by the company under the city’s Paso Del Norte International Bridge.

According to Border Patrol, it is just a temporary situation due to the recent rush and there is no need to create any sort of panic. Things are under control. The area is next to a satellite Border Patrol processing center (east of the bridge).

The number of migrants is increasing at an alarming rate and there is a lack of sufficient room to house so many people. So things are taking little time to fall into place.

Undocumented Migrants Housed in El Paso
Undocumented Migrants Housed in El Paso: An Insight

Transition Facility for Undocumented Migrants Housed in El Paso

According to El Paso Sector spokesman Agent Ramiro Cordero, it is just a transient facility as illegal immigrants are taken to the processing center. They are later on sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement or any other place. After this processing, more migrants are brought in.

People are sometimes spotted outside the facility, but they are catered for all the basic amenities like food, food, bathroom facilities, snacks, water, etc. They are not left unattended on the levee road. There is adequate space inside to fit the family units inside the facilities. Unaccompanied minors can be sent to other places.

People are under the bridge from 9 to12 hours or maybe longer before they are processed. If there is a bottleneck until the following day, then they will have to stay a little longer.

For instance, if they are picked around 6 p.m. and reach at the river’s edge to be transported, then the chances are that they will be able to reach the camp the around 9 am the next morning. In that case, processing can take a bit longer. But they are not left unattended and all the basic facilities are provided to them during the transient phase.


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