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Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI)- Read to know More-

Compassionate Care Benefits or basically Employee Insurance (EI) as it can be understood is a boon for employees nurturing a critical patient who is their family member. Compassionate Care or Employee Insurance is valid only to those whose immediate family such as parents, spouse or children are sick and because of that, your Job is suffering. Let us know what Compassionate Care Benefits or Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI) is?

Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI)

Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI)- Critically ill Patient’s Family Member can claim –

If you are taking care of a sick patient and it is affecting your work, you have to take hours off your job to take care of him/her, and the patient is so critical that apparently, he can die within next 26 weeks or less, then you are eligible for Compassionate Care Benefits. The name of the concerned person should be on the qualifying family member list. These benefits are irrespective of the place of patient’s residence even if it is out of Canada. You would need to meet the same set of requirements that you would be applicable also if the person were in Canada.

Eligibility for Compassionate Care Benefits or Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI):

1) 40% Salary loss– If the employee is undergoing 40% or more damage due to the patient’s care.
2) You have worked for more than 600 hours in the last 52 weeks or since your last email.
3) A person is on death-bed: The family member is at the risk of dying within 26 weeks. A certificate about the same should be presented to the employer.

How much do the Compassionate Care Benefits cover?

Compassionate Care Benefits generally are 55% of your average insured salary. This amount is taxable which means the government will charge tax on the same. Benefits increase considerably if you belong to a low-income group.

The period of Compassionate Care Benefits:

Generally, an employee is entitled to Benefits of Basically Employee Insurance(EI) is for a maximum of 26 weeks in 52 weeks. The time can be shared with the other family members as well. Also, you can increase the period by combining some types of benefits. It sure does come with its restrictions of the start and end dates. For that, you need to consult the nearest advisor available.



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