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Registration Window For Masters Graduate Program In Ontario Opened Briefly And Closed

The master graduate stream which was reopened in the province of Ontario on the 5th of March, Tuesday, stayed open for just mere 2 hours.  After 2 hours it closed again because of technical reasons.

Registration Window For Masters Graduate Program In Ontario Opened Briefly And Closed
Registration Window For Masters Graduate Program In Ontario Opened Briefly And Closed

Within 2 hours of reopening registrations for the Masters Graduate Stream at Ontario, the registration again closed due to technical problems. The Masters Graduate Stream is a popular program which international students choose to get the entry in Canada permanently. To enter for studying in this program, students don’t need a job offer. Just an admission to the program makes them eligible to enter the country and reside permanently. But this registration for the program ended very soon.

Students who are from countries abroad, and are opting for the program to get a Masters degree from the University of Ontario, will later be allowed to get provincial nomination to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

None knows if the quota for 1000 registrations for Masters education in Ottawa are over or not- Hence apply for registration asap to fulfill your dream of studying in Canada

The announcement made at Ontario for the applicants to the stream was that this window for registration would open for the students, and the first 1000 applicants would get registration on a first come first serve basis. But now that the window closed in only a time period of 2 hours, none knows if the quota for that 1000 registrations got fulfilled or not.

Last year’s registration

Before this, in April 2018, the master’s graduate stream registrations under the program named ‘Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program was opened for only one hour. The quota soon got filled and the registrations closed in an hour.

Importance of the Master’s degree education program in Ottawa

The program is important for international students trying to get immigrated to Canada. That’s because, the permanent Canadian residence can be applied for, only when a student registers to the international graduate stream. Only then, a student is considered for a permanent residence in the country. Successfully registered students get 14 days to complete application after the provincial nomination for permanent residence.

International graduate stream application eligibility

The international graduate stream can be applied for by students, who are either living outside Canada with all other eligibility criteria fulfilled or is living in Ontario with a legal permit to study the course. Students who are not living in Ontario and are from a different province cannot apply at all for this program.

The choices for students to study in Ottawa

The immigrant students have two choices to opt for study under the OINP International student category. One is the Masters Graduate stream which is talked about here, and another is the Ph.D. Graduate Stream. Either may be applied to get a provincial nomination to stay in Ontario, Canada and then apply for a permanent residence in the country.

Based on what the student is applying for, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has different categories for the visa. An immigrating student will have to select the right option to apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada. Migrating students need to evaluate their eligibility, course registration, and then they may apply for the right visa.



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