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Non-EU Citizens And Hungary Immigration Rules

Non-EU citizens can live and work in Hungary as per immigration rules. These rules are based on 3 different criteria

  1. Purpose – Whether the immigrant is going to work, live, or travel
  2. Period of stay – How long is the immigrant going to stay in Hungary
  3. Location – the exact destination of the immigrant has to be clear
Non-EU Citizens And Hungary Immigration Rules
Non-EU Citizens And Hungary Immigration Rules

4 Distinct Types Of VisaS (& Residence Permits) :

  1. Short Stay Uniform Visa ( C or “Schengen”)
  • Submit the application in your own country’s Hungarian consulate or embassy.
  • Those who are granted the visa can stay continuously for 90 days maximum.
  • Visa holders can enter or leave Hungary once, twice, or multiple times.
  1. Seasonal Employment Visa
  • Hungarian Employment Office issues a seasonal work permit (compulsory).
  • The visa will be valid for a maximum period of 1 year only.
  • Between 3 to 6 month period, Workers can enter Hungary once or multiple times.
  1. Long Stay Visa “D” And Residence Permit

Apply for both residence permit and long stay visa at the same time. The visa is valid for one year only. You can enter Hungary for a period of 30 days. Take the residence permit using these rules based on purpose –

  • Earn an Income – You can earn an income by becoming a business member or partner. The following documents are necessary –
    1. Letter of invitation from the business partner(based in Hungary).
    2. Proof of existing commercial relationship with the business, or
    3. The local chamber of commerce certificate to prove this relationship
    4. Hungary Address Proof (a place where the immigrant is going to stay)
  • Visit – A letter of invitation from the friend or host is compulsory. Photocopies of the friend’s personal ID, passport, etc,. are also a must.
  • Voluntary Work – You can volunteer to work in churches, town halls, libraries, etc., Apply by submitting the agreement signed with such an organization as proof.
  • Investors –
  • Special Cases – Education, Family Reunification, Medical Treatment, Research.
  1. EU Blue Card
  • The combined work and residence permit is called EU Blue Card.
  • Only those who have very high qualifications are eligible.
  • Earning an income has to be the candidate’s main purpose.
  • This permit allows a candidate to stay in a preferred EU member state.

Permit Extensions

  1. Temporary Residence
  • EU laws mandate long term resident status after 5 years of continuous stay.
  • Those with above status can apply for a temporary permit up to 5 years maximum.
  • Extension or renewal can be sought for another 5 years afterward.
  1. National Residence
  • Residence in Hungary for 3 continuous years is mandatory.
  • After that, Apply for this permit for an indefinite period.
  1. EC Residence
  • Residence in Hungary for 5 continuous years is mandatory.
  • After that, Apply for this permit for an indefinite period.


Those who satisfy the following criteria can apply for citizenship –

  • 8 years of continuous and legal stay in Hungary is mandatory.
  • Candidate should be in a position to earn food, clothing, shelter, etc.,
  • Applicant should not have any criminal cases, history, or indictments.
  • Candidate cannot be a threat to Hungary’s national interest and security.
  • Successfully pass an exam on the Hungarian constitution and language.



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