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Looking for a Job in Canada- Know How to get a Job Offer from Canada?

Many of us are always in need of a chance to take the next flight and leave for Canada as soon as possible. Because of the facilities and quality of life there. A considerable portion of these aspirants are the job-seekers or the new graduates who want a decent job from the Canadian companies. A job offer guarantees you a visa to Canada. Learn How to get a Job Offer from Canada?

How to get a Job Offer from Canada
Looking for a Job in Canada- Know How to get a Job Offer from Canada?

How to get a Job Offer from Canada- Though some Professionals don’t need Job Offer from Canadian Employer-

Professionals do not need the job offer to migrate to Canada are-
a) Professions that do not require a work permit
b) ‘Self-employed’ occupations
c)Certain skilled worker occupations
d) Business owners and investors
e) Young people on working holidays
f) Intracompany transfer from certain countries
g) Spouse of temporary workers and students
h) Spouses/partner being sponsored for permanent residence
Any other person apart from these groups would need a job offer to work there.

Ways to get a Job Offer from Canadian Employer-

Getting the job offer from Canadian employers is not as easy as it may seem, but at the same time, there are many ways to get it. Let’s list some of them to proceed-

1) Through Networking

Networking is the best way to get a job offer from a Canadian Company. If you happen to know someone in the country or have friends in Canada who have considerable experience or control in a company, you can, and you should convince them to arrange for a job offer from a Canadian company. However, as per rules of Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), Canada considers its residents first for any possible job available. So for example even if you happen to get a job offer of the post of admin assistants and there are several other Canadian admin assistants unemployed, your chances go down the drain. Expecting you do not have such cruel luck, it is the best way to get a job offer.

2) Through Agencies-

Approaching the recruitment Agencies is another safe bet to get a job offer as they do become a link between you and the company. Nowadays, companies hire these agencies also known as ‘headhunters’ who keep an eye out on the fresh talent or the able ones for their client companies and provide a service that ends up being profitable for both the departments. These agencies are usually paid by the companies, so it is advisable to be wary of the agencies who ask for money in lieu of a job.

3) Through Canvassing Employers

Another way which might not be very popular with the people is by directly approaching the employers where you feel that they might need someone who’s work requirement matches mine. You can email or call them enquiring about the same. Some employers do like the candidates who take the initiative and does not wait for the openings to be visible. Employers recruit people if they are impressive even if they are of some other country.

4) Online resources

Last but not least comes the online job portals, this might not be the best option, but you never know what may click for you.


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