Rules For Applying For Family Visa In UK

Getting settled in the UK has been a dream of many aspirants around the world. The settlement includes the family factor in the mix. Family visa is a huge matter of worry for many applicants while not so big for the others as the rules for a family visa vary according to different countries, the relationship with the member working in the UK and the duration for which the member has been working in the country. Since it isn’t simple when it comes to the Rules For Applying For Family Visa In UK, Let us talk about various factors involved in the scenario.

Rules For Applying For Family Visa In UK
Rules For Applying For Family Visa In UK

Rules For Applying For Family Visa In UK related to Kind of Relatives that can join Residents in the UK

There are many restrictions laid by the UK government on the relatives that can join residents in the country. Relatives who can get a visa are:

  • Partner residing in the country(Husband/wife, Unmarried partner)
  • Parents living in the country(if the applicant is under 18)
  • Children living in the country(if the children in under 18)
  • Family residing in the country(if the applicant is a dependent adult child, parent, grandparent or sibling)

However, in the case of a person studying or working in the country, they can bring along the following members:

  • Partner or spouse
  • Children under 18
  • Any dependent children

Family visa in case the relative lives in the country for less than five years

If you are in the country for less than five years, you can get your relatives a family visa under the following conditions;

  • If you have Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 5 work visa
  • If you have a student visa
  • If you are a Turkish worker
  • If you have UK Ancestry visa

Want to Join the Family living in the UK-

If a person is permanently settled in England and you want your family or the relatives to join you in the country, you can apply for UK family visa known as ‘family of a settled person’ visa. For the application of UK family visa following conditions must be fulfilled;

  • The genuine and legally recognized relationship in the UK
  • The applicants will be living with the settler family
  • Good knowledge of English
  • No Criminal record

Working or studying with the family visa

If you are living the UK on family visa, you are allowed to work or study unless the duration of visa is six months having applied an engaged partner.

The family of a settled person visa

If you are applying for the ‘Family of a settled person’ visa or in other words UK family visa, You need to provide the following documents:

  • Current Passport or Travel ID
  • Previous Passport/s
  • Proof of relationship with the settled person
  • Evidence of being sufficient in financial or maintenance requirements
  • Proof of your English knowledge
  • Tuberculosis test results if the country you belong to, is a prone nation.

In case of the death or divorce from partner-

If you have applied as a partner and while living there your partner dies, you can apply to settle in the country permanently. However, under the circumstances of the divorce, you need to re-apply for the visa or leave the UK. In both the cases you need to write a letter that includes your ex-partner’s date of birth, address, passport number, home office reference number along with a consent form verifying the details and send it to the concerned department

UK family visa costs

  • Visa for partner, parent or child – £1195
  • Dependent Adult – £2676
  • Visa extension by post – £811
  • Visa extension by premium service – £1311

Do remember to keep checking the Official site of the UK Immigration for the latest updates regarding the Visa cost and any further changes in Rules of Immigration.


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