Jobs for working students in Canada – On-campus and Off-campus jobs

As an international student, you may able to get a job in Canada without the need of work permit during your study tenure. The immigration policy of Canada extends the opportunity for international students to get valuable work experience for selecting Canada as their higher study destination.

Jobs for working students in Canada - On-campus and Off-campus jobs
Jobs for working students in Canada – On-campus and Off-campus jobs

Work off-campus as International Student in Canada

If you have a valid Canadian study permit, you may be eligible to work for any outside employer beyond the campus ground where you are enrolled as a student. Once you become eligible for the off-campus work, you can work up to minimum 20 hours every week during your academic session as well as full-time work during the scheduled break like summer holidays, spring break and winter holidays.

What are the eligibility requirements to Work Off Campus in Canada as International Student

A candidate becomes eligible for working off-campus during your studies is he has the following eligibility criteria:

Obtain a Social Insurance Number

Studying in a vocational, academic or professional training program of 6 months duration and leads to a certificate diploma or degree.

Have a valid study permit

Studying full-time at a renowned learning institution

Have started with the academic course and holding a satisfactory position as determined by the institution

If the situation of an international student changes somehow due to any reason and he is unable to meet any of the criteria stated above, he needs to immediately stop the off-campus working.

At times, when a student is no longer undergoing a full-time course, he may continue working off- campus, provided he meets the below criteria:

He is studying part-time as it is the last semester of the study program and there is no need to go for any full-time course schedule.

He is registered as a full-time student from the very beginning of the study program in the country.

Working on-campus- Eligibility requirements and Options to work as International Student

As an international student, you may be allowed to work on campus or within the boundaries of your campus where you have registered your name for the higher studies if you meet the following criteria. To work on campus without a work permit you need to:

Hold a valid study permit

Have a Social Insurance Number

Be registered at a private college-level school or public post-secondary schools like university or college in Quebec that operates rights of the public school regulations, and 50% of the fund is obtained from the government grants.

Kinds of on-campus work opportunities available to International Students

The on-campus work usually includes working for someone who is located inside the campus ground of your educational institution. The on-campus employer can be a faculty member, the educational institution itself, a private business, student organization or private contractor who provides services to your educational center. Self-employment within the boundaries of your campus is also allowed.

Some professors provide grants for the research work and look for temporary staffs. You can start working as an intern with one such professor on your campus. They usually have industry contacts and can help you with your suggestions for job applications outside the college campus. Some institutions have invented online employment service for the students. It is advisable that you keep your biodata ready for taking an attempt whenever possible in campusing. You can also look out for job offers on notice boards, online platforms, and school newspapers.

You can also get contacts at school, which can be quite helpful. In addition to your employment center or career center, you can check out for work at your school library, bookstores, student service section, academic departments, and student government. Salary may not be as per your expectation, but it can eliminate the travel time, thus, allowing you to fit in work hours between the classes.

Post-graduation work permits for International Students in Canada

If you pass out the graduation degree as an international student, you can easily obtain the post-graduation work permit.

In some of the cases, the common law partner or spouse of the international students who are studying for full-time may be eligible to apply for the open work permit.

Co-op student or intern to earn money

If an international student pursuing any study course at a DLI in Canada that demands a mandatory for placement or any kind of internship, you can apply for the intern or co-op work permit along with the valid student permit.

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