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Top Jobs that are in Demand in Australia- Read to Know More

Top Jobs that are in Demand in Australia
Top Jobs that are in Demand in Australia- Read to Know More

Statistics from different sources have shown that Australia has become one of the biggest immigrant welcoming nations of 2018-19. Data revealed that more than 128,000 permanent visas are released to migrants who are skilled for different job sectors. So, this article will deal with Top Jobs that are in Demand in Australia.

Top Jobs that are in Demand in Australia are as follows-

Every year around 190,000 placements are secluded for migrants from all across the world, i.e., almost 70 percent of the in-demand skill, but only for those who are deserving and can add to the Australian economy. The area of work includes:

  • Nurses
  • Electricians
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Motor mechanics
  • Metal fitters
  • Carpenters
  • Joiners

The demand for Jobs is High, but the Applicants are less-

With the need of 17,322 Nurses, only 413 Skilled Nurses have been invited to work and stay in Australia until the end of the year 2018.

Same is the case with other in-demand Occupations such as Electricians, School Teachers, Carpenters, Machinist, and Motor Mechanics where a total of 29.930 vacancies in these Fields but only a few have been called to work in Australia. With the need of Skilled Labor, Australian Govt nowhere ready to compromise the quality of work.

Vacancies are not so Famous fields such as- Livestock Farmer Occupation-

Livestock Farmer Occupation Yields approximately 4841 jobs this year, but not even a single person has been invited or qualify to do the same. The leading country which has people of this field is- India, but Indian workers don’t qualify as per the requirements moreover they lack language skills.

David Littleproud, the Agriculture Minister; agrees on the scarcity of the labor in the Agricultural field and the different views of the two parties has made it very difficult to work upon. Agricultural Visa is one barrier in recruiting the immigrant Farmers.

IT Sector and Accounting are making their way through the Labor shortage-

The grass is a little greener in the field of Software companies where around 7,200 placements, about 1,231 were granted visas for permanent residency. But here too, the rigidity of immigration system has come forward, and rules for immigrants have been revised to be stricter with uncompromising inspections and surveys. Further, its been in talks to increase the threshold of these occupations from 65 points to 80 points.

Increase in Scrutiny is one of the Reasons for the Shortage of labor-

There is a decrease in the number of skilled visas Granted for the year 2018 as compared to the year 2017 by the number 12,000 and the reason only being the increase in Scrutiny.



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