Now more funds are required to apply for Express Entry

The Express Entry candidates in Canada are now facing barrier as the federal government of Canada has further increased the settlement funds requirement by about 1.5 percent approx increase is $12,474 to $12,669. Let’s see how much Now more funds are required to apply for Express Entry?

Now more funds are required to apply for Express Entry
Now more funds are required to apply for Express Entry

Now more funds are required to apply for Express Entry- not for the one who wants to work not to settle-

The Canadian government is making sure that the immigrants who are working here as skilled workers should have the primary means to financially help their family members when they arrive on Canadian soil.

Those workers who are here only with a work permit and no further interest in becoming citizens do not need to pay the revised funds. The increment is for those who want to remain here as permanent residents in the long run. The amount has increased to $12,699 from the old one which was $12,474. Also, this amount varies if the members of a family increase in numbers thus clearly indicating that more the member the higher the settlement fund.

The questionable attitude of the government towards immigrants-

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees Citizenship, and Canada) have shown their support to the immigrants and is urging the Express Entry candidates to revise the details in their portfolios so that it does not become a hindrance while they are choosing the field they want to work in. The IRCC has given warning that if the updated amount is not provided, many candidates who are deserving might lose the opportunity to study or work here.

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Criteria given for funds- to be provided when applying for the work permit or study visa-

The Canadian government has issued proper instructions which must be completed before an applicant gets his visa for either studying in Canada or showing his desire to work here ignoring the talent he/her might be having.

The funds which the government requires must be handy with the immigrant when he applies for either work permit or permanent residency on Canadian soil. The immigration officer must also be convinced that the applicant is having the amount asked by the government.

Married couples are obliged to provide the required amount to the government-

Also, increasing the burden on the immigrants is another hurdle that the funds cannot be taken from anyone or be a part of the value of shares of a company and so on. Only if the person is married and has a joint account with his partner, that money can be counted. But that too is eligible if the applicant proves with proper documents that he/she is entirely free to use the funds of the joint account to his/her use. The future of many deserving immigrants now lie in a fix and overcoming it is not a completely easy process.