Being Rich can get you the US Citizenship

EB-5 investor visa also known as the “Million Dollar Green Card” provides an initial permanent US residency and ultimate citizenship to the people who are amenable and willing to invest US$ 500,000 and US$ 1 million in a new venture that leads to the creation of not less than ten full-time jobs. Being Rich can get you the US Citizenship, provided that you are ready to invest in the Economy of the country.

Being Rich can get you the US Citizenship
Being Rich can get you the US Citizenship

Being Rich can get you the US Citizenship-Canadians holding the Major shares-

Amongst the countries with the most EB-5 visa investors, Canada has one of the major stocks. Ranging from the rich senior-citizens to the affluent families who want to settle in the US, EB-5 investor visa is a standard procedure amongst Canadian citizens. The retirees consist of the significant chunk of the people applying for the EB-5. One of the perks for the EB-5 investors is the potentially bright future that their children can have by getting conveniently into the elite schools.

History of EB-5 Investor Program-

The EB-5 investor program came rising in 1990, and it was developed to vitalize the economy of the US. It encouraged investments from the people from other countries, thus serving the primary purpose of the government. This program supervised by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department.

Ways to Invest in the Country through EB-5 Investor Visa Program-

  • One method is to make a direct US$ 1 million investment in any business that leads to the creation of a minimum of 10 jobs.
  • Another method is to invest US$ 500,000 in one of the centers endorsed by the EB-5 visa program. These centers buy shares in the projects which are located around the communities with fewer jobs, thus booming the economy of such areas. Furthermore, the investments are used to create different infrastructures like hospitals and shopping malls.

How does the EB-5 Investor Program Works?

In the first years after acquiring a visa, the EB-5 visa applicants get a conditional Permanent Visa status in the US.  After the completion of 5 years, the visa holders including the spouses and kids (less than 21 years) are eligible for the US citizenship.

Criticism receives by EB-5 investor program- it exposes you to the Government-

  • All the information about EB-5 sounds all “green grass and clear skies” until one realizes the fact that they are exposed directly to the government regarding their financial information, investments, earnings, etc.
  • The massive amount of investment involved gets stuck for five years. One has to exhibit that the money involved is clean and legitimately earned.
  • It takes 18-20 months for the application to be accepted finally with a processing fee of US$ 3675.


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