Ways to Handle Illegal Immigrants- Mr. Pargeter’s Report

Mr. Pargeter’s letter on January about the immigration (especially about the illegal immigrants), made mind instantly slipped to the thinking-zone and thought the process went as follows and Stay tuned to know the Ways to Handle Illegal Immigrants.

Ways to Handle Illegal Immigrants- Mr. Pargeter’s Report
Ways to Handle Illegal Immigrants- Mr. Pargeter’s Report

Legal immigrants welcome in Canada, but people are Searching for the Ways to Handle Illegal Immigrants-

The people coming to Canada are classified into (a) very intimate relatives of the people who are residents of Canada, (b) Workers and business people/women, (c) refugees, (d)humanitarian immigrants, and (e) illegal immigrants.

Now if we analyze the reactions to the immigration of these people, a reasonable person will not have any issues regarding the first four classes, even the refugees and the people migrating by legitimate humanitarian grounds. However, the crucial problem lies with the last category, i.e., the illegal immigrants.

Here’s why the illegal immigration consider being crucial Problem?

Illegal immigration is the act of crossing the national border without the acknowledgment from the authorities of a particular country. It is ethically and legally a wrong way to enter any country without informing the government, and it’s like showing a clear middle-finger to the law-abiding people who go through bearing the costs and the efforts to start a new life in a new country. Besides, illegal immigration serves as a way to encourage terrorist activities, thus posing a threat to national security as there’s no accountability. Also, if the people cross borders illegally in large numbers, the population demographics remodel, and as mostly the illegal immigrants are less educated and have a less income level as compared to others, they’ll create an economic-hole to suck the benefits due to the taxes paid by other communities.

Ways of Dealing with any immigrants whether they are legal or illegal or are refugees are-

  1. Common sense as immigrants helps in the growth of the nation.
  2. Provide safety to both the immigrants and native citizens.
  3. Treating immigrants and natives equally and give fair decision regardless of the immigration status.

Therefore, we should have open arms for the people who are our guests, refugees, humanitarian immigrants, and all others willing to enter Canada legally but as far as the illegal migrants are concerned, we should maybe take some time and make our decision mindfully and should use our senses to deal with them.