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Want a job in Canada with No Canadian Experience- Find out How?

Canada is a beautiful country which provides so much of opportunities but there are challenges along with it. As a new entrant settling down in Canada there are unique barriers which come in the way. Any new entrant who come to Canada there main focus is to get a job over here and no matter from where they come they all have to face this challenge. But the problem is Canadian experience is required for the job but this also true that for getting a job you need to have the experience and to get experience it is essential to have a job. If you Want a job in Canada with No Canadian Experience- check out the following strategies-

Want a job in Canada with No Canadian Experience
Want a job in Canada with No Canadian Experience- Find out How?

Want a job in Canada with No Canadian Experience- Apply following strategies to do the same-

  1. Highlight the skills which are transferable

The skills which could develop such as Canadian way of communication, context, relationship management, mastery in an interpersonal way, and managing the self. This could be shown in different ways such as

  • Change the level of communication as per Canadian atmosphere and more of usage related to terminologies of Canada for the resume and profile such as LinkedIn.
  • If have any work experience then show them in a way as that of Canadian, so that they could relate the experience of yours to Canada.
  • Give them the idea of skills in their known language so that they could easily analyze that how your strengths could be useful for the company and they could use them to maximize their profit.
  • There must a question in their mind that you do not have any Canadian experience then by showing them yourself that how you could gain the experience and get training on your own ability.
  • Tell them that how you are working on improving the skills of language such as English and French.
  • Do the research and try to join such organization which provides training for any specific skill of industry.
  1. Benefit the organization –

Any organization is not interested in what experience you have in the past, or what you have. Their main aim is to know that how you could benefit the organization so it is essential to show them that how the contribution would be made by you.

  • Know about the company beforehand and if any information is there grab it for making its best use in an interview for showing how positive you could be for the company.
  • If possible try to take any mock project through which the recruiter could analyze that how you could add the value.
  • Prepare a plan that in case you join them for a few days or month what would you be doing in the organization to show the worth.
  • Note the achievements made by the company and by telling them that these made you eager to join it.
  1. Make a strong network –

Most of the job in any industry could get through networking. If the person is having a good networking then there are various jobs which are not known in the market will be available to you.

  • Try to meet new people around and make new friends whoever could be of any help in order to generate the right information.
  • If you meeting this kind of people then before meeting them know about them and their companies so to make better contact.
  • Try to volunteer at the reception desk where you can meet all the people coming into the meeting or party.
  • With the people there try to have the informational discussion and could ask for references.
  • Bring your strength in a way that is quick and made the person understand easily.
  1. Social media –

In today’s time, social media has become the best of the way to be with the recruiters and other people who could help in getting the job.

  • While doing the search on google, profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media appears foremost so it should be streamlined.
  • Try to expand to the maximum of people through social media and keep in touch with them.
  • Make an image which is professional on social media as many recruit these type of people by watching them on social media.
  • Make the genuine remarks to the social media posts of others as this will make your profile better.
  • Brand could be built by sharing the post which is as per the qualification such as projects which are currently running, or to whom you volunteer and many others.


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