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Sponsoring of Traditional Relationship in Canada Face Scrutiny – Here’s The Reason

Though the Immigration minister of Canada claimed that the backlog in the application of spouse sponsorship has been reduced but the process still is complex and non-transparent. Processing time for the application is also reduced comes out to 12 months from 26 months. Then why the applications are getting rejected and why the Sponsoring of Traditional Relationship in Canada Face Scrutiny?

Sponsoring of Traditional Relationship in Canada Face Scrutiny
Sponsoring of Traditional Relationship in Canada Face Scrutiny – Here’s The Reason

Why the Sponsoring of Traditional Relationship in Canada Face Scrutiny?

When we say spouse sponsorship it not only meant for married couples, it covers other relationship such as Conjugal Partners and Common-Law relationship through the requirement for these is different. Conjugal partners are those who are married but due to some circumstances, they are not living together whereas Common-Law relationship is for the law only where the two are living together for more than one year.

Not genuine relationship under Section 4 of IRPR is the reason for rejection of the spouse application-

Section 4 of Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) dealt with the cases where the marriages are not genuine, two-person are only together for the purpose of getting PR in Canada.

During the processing of the application main focus of immigration officer in such cases is to check the genuineness of the relationship. If the basis of the relationship is to get PR of Canada, it doesn’t matter how deeply one is in love with each other now, their application will never get approved in the future.

Allowing phoney marriages will question the morality of immigration system- Canadian government

Canadian government focus is on the reunification of the families but not at the cost of phoney marriages which in the near future gain the Permanent residency. So the implementation of section 4 helps the immigration officer to bust phoney marriages.

What makes the immigration officer show the Red Flag to the application?

When the application came for processing from that time only the officers zero down the prospects of being a fake marriage. Officer will show a red flag if-

  • The couple say they met online,
  • The wedding took place in the absence of parents,
  • The couple didn’t go for their honeymoon,
  • If the duration of the meeting and getting married is very less

Above mentioned cases are the cases in which the couples don’t get a chance to explain their relationship and circumstances. It is all in the hand of an immigration officer, a little mistake can make the application rejected forever.

A benefit of the Doubt goes to the Couple-they can Appeal the Decision

Cases where the couple didn’t get a chance to explain the relationship and their application got rejected, they can easily appeal the decision of the immigration system. Some avoid the same as they don’t want to spend additional money on a very uncertain thing. Resubmitting of the application not come with the assurance of the clearance of the application.

What couple should do to make the immigration officer feel the Genuity of their relationship?

  • From the start of the relationship keep all the message or emails that were exchanged between you.
  • If went for a trip, save all the photographs from that trip.
  • Exchanged gifts should be kept safely.
  • The third party for the letters of support should be kept in confidence.
  • Including the third part open a joint bank account.
  • Submit as many proof and documents you have related to your relationship beforehand.

After all, this one question that will strike your mind is- Is Canada in order to protect its morality of immigration system forgets to acknowledge different forms of love. But this is a reality which is really unfortunate but on the hand, every couple also appreciates the law of the country and provide the immigration office with the genuine documents related to their relationship.


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