What are questions which might be asked while getting a student visa?

To study from the best college after doing the graduation or to go for higher studies after post- graduation is being the dream of many students nowadays. For different courses, they need to go outside the country for getting the best of education in their field. There are various exams which they need to take for getting the call letter from these colleges. Even some of the students also apply for the scholarship exam to get the scholarship from foreign universities for their studies. This article will deal with What are questions which might be asked while getting a student visa?

What are questions which might be asked while getting a student visa?
What are questions which might be asked while getting a student visa?

Exams are the basis of getting admission in the colleges- be truthful in interview about the examination results in the past and explain weak results, if any

To get into these colleges the foremost thing which is required to be done by the students is to clear the exam. There are different exams which have the acknowledgment in many countries and are considered to be the basis of getting admission in the colleges. These exams tell the level of a student that whether they are eligible for getting admission to the reputed colleges or not. Even for a scholarship, there are times when the student has to score best or in top ranking among these exams.

Clearing interview is the next step after the exam-

After clearing the exam, the main thing which every student need to appear for is the interview for a visa to the country where their dream colleges are. The interview is based on the personal life of an individual and related to the person only like education, etc. It is known by all that to get the visa for study in an international country would be tough. The student needs to prepare a lot for any type of questions which could come to your way. But the student needs to be confident in giving the answer to all their questions.

Though the interview is tough as in the exam through study had given the opportunity to get call letter from universities. Similarly, the students with the right preparation and recording the notes of all mistakes or best points in mind, it would be easy to answer the question in an interview. Many mock interviews could be taken before going for the final one which will give the confidence that how to face the interview in the right way. There are not much of questions which are asked but the main is to be confident and does not lose the control.

The rules of giving the visa had got strict with time to ensure that no fake person enters the county. But the students which are genuine and going there for completing their studies would not face many problems in getting the visa.  The student need to answer all the questions confidently and which is correct. The answers should be genuine and do not have to be fake in any sense. If there would be any fake answer then the student would get trap in their own lies and could create a problem in getting a visa. The students must be aware of the questions that might come across when they are planning to stay in a different country for their studies.

Student Visa Interview- Speak coherently and Answers should not appear to be rehearsed

The answer should be known but it should not seem like these are the rehearsed one as it would bring a wrong impression and result could create a problem in getting a visa. Some general question which could be asked in most of the student visa interviews are –

  1. How can you ensure that you will not stay after your studies over there?
  2. What are your plans after completing studies from there?
  3. Why study abroad when so much is there in their own country?
  4. The course you want to do not available in India? Then why to study from abroad?
  5. Why had you chosen this university?
  6. Who would be bearing the cost of education and what are their sources?

There are many such questions but the main thing is to answer them confidently and with genuineness.


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