Which city to prefer in Australia- Sydney or Melbourne?

Sydney and Melbourne both are preferable cities of Australia. According to the need of an individual, he can select between the countries. In this article keeping various factors into the consideration, we will discuss Which city to prefer in Australia- Sydney or Melbourne?

Which city to prefer in Australia- Sydney or Melbourne?
Which city to prefer in Australia- Sydney or Melbourne?

Cost of living- Melbourne in every way is cheaper than Sydney

Be it accommodation or rent Melbourne is way cheaper than Sydney. As per the data the rent of an apartment with the single bedroom is half in Melbourne as compared to Sydney. In percentage term, Melbourne is 37% cheaper in terms of rent and 11% of the total cost of living than in Sydney. High cost in Sydney also makes it difficult for international students to survive.

Culture- Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia

Sydney if you are considering for adventures then it is the best place to visit but if you are an art-loving person then Melbourne is your place. You will find amazing churches and museums all around Melbourne which can satisfy your love for art. What makes Melbourne cultural capital? The answer is the multicultural society. Music, art in Melbourne is greatly influenced by various other countries in the world.

Outing and Nightlife-Not much of a difference in both the cities

Sydney is known for clubbing but that too in the reputed clubhouses. Sydney in a night is not safe in the suburbs areas. Many of the popular DJs play in the Sydney clubs. You will find most of the young crowd doing clubbing in Sydney.

On the other hand, Melbourne is famous for its live music played in the bars. The artistic scene of Melbourne reflects in their bars. The crowd here will be on the mature side but unlike Sydney, Melbourne is safer.

Nature beauty- Sydney is the place for nature lovers

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and apart from that, you will find lush green areas which are good escapes for nature lovers. In addition to walking Sydney is the place for hiking too and we can’t ignore the beaches. Famous beaches such as Clovelly, Coogee are undoubtedly beautiful and they are easily accessible from the city.

Melbourne on the other hand in spite having parks lacks that natural beauty which Sydney has. Beaches in comparison to Sydney are nothing. Few viewpoints are there such as Mount Dandenong which will consume your one day of the trip and it is worth going. It too has various sunset points.

Transport- A major setback for Sydney whereas Melbourne transport system is somewhere planned-

Sydney roads’ structure is confusing for the drivers as it roads are narrow and the navigation through the route is not possible as roads are not well planned. Sydney’s train system is also of no good as fares are high and ticketing system is not electronic and not at all user-friendly.

The bus system is somewhere feasible with cheap fares but crowded roads are giving them a tough competition. Savior for the transport system of Sydney is the ferry system which for the tourist is the best option for exploring the city.

On the other hand transportation system of Melbourne is better than Sydney’s system, all thanks to the planned structure of the roads and tram system. But with increasing population and during peak hours, you have to be lucky enough to get the tram.

Fare in Melbourne is way cheaper than in Sydney with ticketing system is more user-friendly. In Melbourne there is an area called as Green Zone, traveling in which is free.

Weather- Melbourne weather is changing whereas weather in Sydney is consistent-

In a long-term stay, Weather plays an important role in deciding the place. In terms of weather Sydney out rule Melbourne with its temperate temperature throughout the year. Though Sydney experience heavy rainfall but that too is predictable. With moderate summer and cool winters, Sydney in terms of weather is preferable with an average range of temperature is maximum 21.7ºC and minimum 13.8ºC with heavy rainfall for 14 days every month.

Weather in Melbourne is also not that bad but the point is it is erratic. Temperature variation is large because of the combination of warm inland region and cool south sea winds. Winters in Melbourne are colder if compared to the other cities of the country.

The average range of temperature is maximum 19.8ºC and minimum 10.2ºC. Autumn season in Melbourne is the best result of the erratic weather in Melbourne.


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