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The Scope of MBA in the Canadian job market

Be it an engineer or a commerce graduate all go MBA as their post-graduate course and when it comes to a job then the applicant look for the options abroad. Canada is one of the destinations that got the attention. Though Canada job market in terms of MBA as compared to the other countries like the US is very small but SMEs market makes Canada wanting. Let’s study further how these SMEs improving The Scope of MBA in the Canadian job market.

The Scope of MBA in the Canadian job market
The Scope of MBA in the Canadian job market

How SMEs make Canada job market different from other markets?

According to the data by Business Development Bank of Canada, the majority of the exporting companies have employees below 100. Might the MBA graduate will not get hired by the bigger company but recruitment in these SMEs is more likely possible.

MBA and Work visa- how they go along with each other?

Canada immigration law as compared to the country like the US is progressive and that’s why many international students prefer to do their post-graduation study in Canada. For MBA students the Canadian government provides three-year work permit after the completion of their studies. Career’s director Erin Miller of Rotman School of Management added that this work permit is the ticket for the permanent residency for the international students and he further added that Canada provides 50-50 chances to get placed to both international students as well as the natives.

Criteria for getting Jobs in Canada post- MBA

Martina Valkovicova works as an assistant dean at career’s center of business school claimed that the hiring of natives or international students shows not much of a difference. Because every MBA student has hired Career Services to help them get a job. According to after career services they shouldn’t be any problem regarding getting a job post-MBA in Canada. Internship to help international students to get a full-time job with the same company.

Another factor that contributes to getting a job in Canada is the business school from where you have got your degree. Qualities of international students also help them in getting a job- added Valkovicova and said many of the programs are there at the university level which deals with the companies and moreover in the last student’s marketability is the deciding factor.

Prospect of the MBA job market in Canada

According to the experts, the three markets that rule in the job sector of Canada are of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. These are the three cities which are best for the MBA students to get the job of their dream all depending on their choice.

Ontario which is known as the financial capital of Canada is home to the famous city Toronto in which around 12000 firms are working with approximately 350,000 workers. Most of the MBA in finance students find Toronto their city to explore the opportunities.

British Columbia is the hub for SMEs. There are no Fintech companies though British Columbia is considered by most of the international students because of the economic growth it has been showing recently.

Industries that are emerging out for the jobs post MBA

Many students focus on the financial and the technology sector post-MBA but there are other sectors which they are neglecting for example healthcare, consumer products or consulting- claimed by Valkovicova. She added Oil industry and gas industry is the new future of the market.

Healthcare industry, government, and the non-profit sector also require MBA students for consulting. But with ongoing trends for opting innovation or technology as their field, various sectors such as energy are being ignored which have lots of scopes.

Ending lines-

The Scope of MBA in the Canadian job market is there but it is limited to the financial and tech sector. Other sectors such as healthcare and energy are yet to explore by the MBA students.


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