Reasons for the rejection of the H-1B visa

With all going on with the immigration policies regarding H-1B visas, one the effect is on the rejection rate which is increasing and reached up to 50% and secondly the IT firms which sponsored the H-1B visa holder are now reluctant to sponsor as first they don’t get the refund of the fees they spent on the visa secondly with the changing policies the future of the visa holders is uncertain. Let’s study Reasons for the rejection of the H-1B visa.

Reasons for the rejection of the H-1B visa
Reasons for the rejection of the H-1B visa

Reasons for the rejection of H-1B visa are as follows-

  1. No proof of returning back to their country-

This is true that when a person is on H-1B visa he or she can apply for Green Card but applying doesn’t give any surety of getting one. So it is a matter of great concern for the immigration in case of ties to their country, the visa holder will try illegal ways to stay in the US, for example, will overstay the visa or will go and hide. In this case, chances of rejection are very much high.

  1. When the applicant stay for the longest period in the US or any other country

In these cases when applicant stays for longer periods abroad then the concern of the immigration officer is one on the legal status of the applicant in their home country and second is involved in any of the illegal work abroad which is explaining the long stays abroad.

  1. Applicant’s interview fails to impress the interviewer

The interviewer is judging the applicant on the basis of his answers and confidence. From attire to the way of answering questions to the documents everything the interviewer is observing. The game will change over one question which can straightly reject the visa.

  1. If an applicant has the criminal background

From criminal doesn’t mean have killed someone, it means in the past he had overstayed the visa of any country including the US or have anything bad related to immigration then the visa will get rejected.

  1. Have changed his legal status in the other country-

If the interviewer finds out that the applicant has changed his status in another country excluding the US because the policy of the US is different then the interviewer will percept that the main motive of acquiring the visa is the change of status. The visa can put into the questionable zone.

  1. If some of the applicant’s relatives are already in the US-

In the case of relatives in the US questions your intention of staying in the US forever. The immigration officer will percept your intentions of getting Green Card where the relatives will be the sponsors.

  1. If in the past the application for the permanent residency in the US got denied-

There are maximum chances of H-1B getting denied once it is confirmed that in the past the applicant had filed an application for the permanent and it got denied.

  1. Documents are not in proper order-

US embassies request the proper set of the documents and in particular, cases can request for more documents but if an applicant failed to present proper documents in front of the interviewer at the time of interview then the chances of getting visa rejected are high.

Ending lines-

Remember you can get another chance but the probability of getting the visa will get reduced. So make your best efforts to get the visa because the interviewer sitting there is experienced he will judge you on your background, intentions, confidence, and appearance and then decide whether to reject or accept the H-1B visa. Read the instructions for the documents and apply accordingly.

Diksha Garg

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