Procedure to get tier 2 working visa in UK

Various countries in the UK are ideal for working such as London. Likewise, you are thinking thousands are also thinking of the same and getting a work visa in the UK is not a joke. You have to round up in a lot of paperwork. If go by stats out of 438,010 only 8,800 students studying in the UK got the chance to stay and work over there. But you don’t have to worry, this article will give you the simplest Procedure to get tier 2 working visa in UK.

Procedure to get tier 2 working visa in UK
Procedure to get tier 2 working visa in UK

For a work visa, you need to have a valid job offer from the licensed company and to make sure that you have applied for a licensed company go search it on the UK Home Office website. Now let’s discuss the procedure to apply for the tier 2 visa-

  1. As mentioned earlier you can apply for the UK visa only if you have a job offer from the listed company. It is point based system and minimum points required are 70 points.
  2. Then the company will judge you on the basis of your caliber that you are worthy enough for the job they are hiring you for. The only licensed company can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. It will get you 30 points.

Certificate of Sponsorship- Crucial Requirement to get Tier 2 Working Visa in UK-

For the tier 2 visa, the one who has job offer can apply and other ones who are outside from the UK can also apply, on the basis of that there are two categories of Certificate of Sponsorship- A) Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship- for the ones who are outsiders that are not from the UK. B) Unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship for the ones who want an internal switch that is being on tier 2 visa they change jobs in the UK.

  1. The minimum salary for the position you hold should be as per the SOC code. Minimum wage is £ 20,800 else it will depend on the position of yours in the company. This will get you further 20 points.
  2. English proficiency test score. This will also get you an additional 10 points.
  3. Minimum balance requirement- you have to show your saving and the bank statement to make sure that you can survive in the UK on your own. This will add up 10 points to your score.
  4. An important thing that an employer has to keep in mind that the position for which he is hiring an outsider, any of the native resident is not capable of doing the same job. Technical term to it is Resident Market Labor Test.

Resident Market Labor Test- not to be missed to get work visa in UK-

An employer has to put the position on advertising on the government website and on its company website for a minimum of 28 days. Following that an employer should follow the strict format of advertising. On failing have to do the process again. Along with this he has to make sure that, an employee has been paid as per the SOC codes.

The validity of the UK Tier 2 work visa

In general, it is for 3 years but it also depends on the duration you and the company decided for you to work in the UK. You can also extend the visa with the same employer or can change the job within the UK. For the extended visa you need another Certificate of Sponsorship from the existing employer or from the employer you have been switched to.

Terms and conditions for the workers working on tier 2 visa in the UK-

  • The employer is not allowed to take advantage of any of the public benefit schemes.
  • If you are from the outside UK or from the countries that are required to register with the police.

Family sponsorship for UK Work Visa

An employer who is on the visa can call their family to stay with them. For the family one can apply for the visa from his home country or from the UK as well but have to make sure if applying from the UK, the dependent family shouldn’t have applied for any kind of tourist visa.


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